Developing disciples who live and love the word of God

The Education Ministry disciples people at all stages of spiritual maturity to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We strive to transform our people into lifelong students of the Bible, and to develop their ability as teachers and servants to share God’s love.

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Take Heart: Encouraging Passages from Scripture

Many of our adult classes are meeting online right now for connection and encouragement. They are using this series of short devotionals to remind us of God’s presence and help during times of trouble.

We also offer classes for children and teenagers. You can find out more information on our Children’s Ministry page and our Youth & Family page.

College Students

University | S1 (in the Summit)

College and university students

Young Adults

Launch | Campus Lounge (in the Summit)

College graduates and young single adults in their mid-late 20s

Reach | A120

Engaged and married couples, most of whom do not have children

Young Professionals | A109

Young single adults in their late 20s-30s


Connected | A111

Couples in their first years of marriage, many of whom have started families

Thrive | A101

Late 20s – mid 30s, many with infants and toddlers

Foundations | A201 (above Fellowship Central)

Early-late 30s, many with children in preschool and elementary

Christian Families | A103-104

Mid 30s – early 40s, many with children in preschool and elementary

New Beginnings | A117-118

Early-mid 40s, many with children in elementary and middle school

Middle Aged Adults

Families & Friends | A119

Late 40s – early 50s, many with children in high school

Cross Walk | A121

Early-late 50s, many with children in high school and college

CIA | A113

50s – 60s, many with children college-aged and older


Upward Bound | A102

Late 50s – mid 60s

Cornerstone | A115-116

Early – late 60s

Forever 50 Something | Fellowship Central

Mid 60s – early 70s

Emptynesters | A105-106

Early 70s and older


Generations | A122-123

Adults of all ages, married or single

Step by Step | A110

A diverse group of new Christians, Christians whose spouses do not attend church, or people wanting to know more about Christianity


Explorers | Conference Room

For those in a season of spiritual exploration

International | Gym (in the Summit)

A small group discussion class of basic Bible teachings for internationals


Summer Wednesdays: June – August

Instead of weekly in-person classes on Wednesdays, we’re offering a great group of online classes and book clubs! Click here to view them.


Transformed People: The Twelve Apostles

Byron Newberry | A115-116

After Jesus’ resurrection, he sends the apostles out to preach until it kills them. By the end of the book of Acts, they are fully devoted followers, having given everything to Jesus. They have been transformed into fearless leaders and articulate teachers. Come learn about these twelve men, their strengths and weaknesses, and how we can learn from their transformation into followers of Jesus.

Class audio and slides are posted weekly here.

What We Believe and Why

Stafford North & David North | A117-118

This class will deal with such topics as believing in God and the Bible, the concepts of God’s eternal plan, restoration, salvation by grace through faith, and undenominational Christianity. The class will help longtime Christians learn an easy way to explain these topics to others, and it will give new Christians more grounding to answer questions they may have.

Class audio and slides are posted weekly here.

Reading Scripture Together

Various Leaders | A102

The apostle Paul gives instruction to Timothy to be devoted to “the public reading of Scripture” (1 Tim 4:13). This class will involve doing just that. Each week, a group of readers will read aloud extended passages of scripture to give you time to hear and respond to God’s word. You are free to simply come and listen to God’s transformative word.

Spiritual Formation for Young Adults

Phil Brookman | A105-106

Spiritual disciplines are not something that you learn once and then become proficient in forever and ever. Similar to a foreign language, spiritual disciplines must be learned and relearned and practiced for any real progress to be made. This class will look at some of the historic disciplines that have shaped the lives of Christians for thousands of years, utilizing both lecture and participatory exercises to digest the content.

Class audio is posted weekly here.

MERGE (7:00-8:30)

Various Teachers | A113

This six-session class, led by several MRCC staff members and mentor couples, is designed to help newlywed, engaged, and seriously dating couples lay a strong foundation in many aspects of merging two lives in marriage (traditions, expectations, gender differences, family of origin, goals, and more!). More details and registration instructions at

Men’s Class

Every Man a Leader, Every Man a Servant

Various Teachers | A119

Within each Christian man are two identities: one a leader, one a servant. Join other men as we examine the book of Nehemiah and discuss the many facets of being a godly strong leader while still having a humble servant heart. The class will be taught by an excellent team of men who will share their unique backgrounds for developing each of us into a Christ-like servant/leader.

Women’s Small Groups

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son
(March 4-April 15)

April Kaaiohelo/Trevy Rauch and Missy Woodson/Jill Martin | A122-123

Tell your sons the truth about life before they believe the culture’s lies. This class will discuss three chapters of this revised and expanded book ($10) by Vicki Courtney each week. Group sizes are limited, and pre-registration is required at

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter
(April 22-May 27)

April Kaaiohelo/Trevy Rauch and Missy Woodson/Jill Martin | A122-123

Tell your daughters the truth about life before they believe the culture’s lies. This class will discuss three chapters of this revised and expanded book ($10) by Vicki Courtney each week. Group sizes are limited, and pre-registration is required at

Legacy: How One Ordinary Life Can Make an Eternal Difference
(March 4-April 15 or April 22-June 3)

Robin Waugh | A120

Leaving a legacy for tomorrow means living a life of character, faithfulness, and purpose today. Study guide by Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee is $10. Pre-registration is required at

Trustworthy: Overcoming Our Greatest Struggles to Trust God
(March 4-June 3)

Tonya Patton | A121

Learn to loosen your grip of trying to control people and circumstances in your life by taking steps to truly rely on God. Identify your trust issues with God and how to overcome them as you study life lessons from the kings of the Old Testament. Videos by Lysa TerKeurst alternate with homework discussion. Study guide is $15. Pre-registration is required at

Ongoing Classes

Western Christians in Global Missions

John Wilguess | A101

This class is for you if you have ever asked how missions at Memorial Road happens. Mission outreach is the DNA of our faith.  Bringing the Gospel to those who have not heard – or sharing our lives with those who desire to see the fruit of a life lived for Christ are just two ways we see mission work at work. This interactive class features discussions with missionaries from throughout the world, assigned readings from the book Western Christians In Global Missions, and participation of class members to find ways to better serve those around us in the name of Jesus.


Clay Hart | Fellowship Central

This class is designed for one on one or small group conversations centered on discussion of short texts from a simplified English translation of the Bible. Internationals are paired with native English speakers in order to improve language skills, share their stories, and develop friendship while talking about God, culture, and life.

Earlybird (5:15-6:00)

Loren Gieger | A105-106

This class is for those who would like to attend a class at an earlier time. You will feel welcome in this class that spans all ages and life situations.


Foster & Adoptive Families

Kari Laxson | A103-104

This group addresses the needs of our continually growing foster and adoptive community. Class sessions may include a video and discussion, guest speaker, or other ongoing support topics.

DivorceCare (6:30-8:00)

on break until fall 2020

Jennifer Gotcher | A201

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Free to attend, recommended workbook fee is $15. Click here for more details and registration instructions.


on break until fall 2020

Cherry Hart | A102

This is a warm, supportive program of support and education for anyone grieving a loved one’s passing. Free to attend, recommended workbook fee is $15. Click here for more details and registration instructions.


Feel free to send us a message if you’re interested in getting involved or have any questions about the Adult Education Ministry!

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