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Sunday Mornings

In-Person Worship | 8:15 am & 10:45 am

Live Stream | 8:15 am 

Interpreting Provided | 8:15 am worship and streamed online

In-Person Bible Class | 9:35 am

Sunday Evenings

Small Groups | Various Times (Group discretion)

Devotional | 5:00 pm

Wednesday Evenings

Early Bird | 5:10 pm

Bible Class and Events | 6:30 pm


Worship Livestream

WOW Livestream

The Well | Online Classes

Get In Touch!

2221 E. Memorial Road | 405.478.0166

Edmond, OK 73013

Get Connected at MRCC!

There is a place for everyone at Memorial Road.

Join First Cup

Each week we invite guests to spend some time with members of our ministerial staff. This informal orientation session allows you to get information about Memorial Road in a personalized way.

We meet during class time in the conference room, directly across from the auditorium.

You want church to feel like home. That’s what we want too.

“Church Family” shouldn’t be just an empty cliché. The Memorial Road Path is a way for each and every newcomer to easily discern the next step on the road to getting fully connected. We know that not every journey looks the same, but this general route can help make your church really feel like YOUR church.

First Cup is your first step at Memorial Road.

Maybe you’ve been visiting for months and are now ready to start on the Path. Maybe it’s your very first time to visit a church. Whether you’re here, there, or anywhere in between, this is a relaxed, comfortable way to enjoy some refreshments, meet people, and begin learning about our church. First Cup meets during our Bible class hour, beginning at 9:35, in the Parlor.

The next step on the Path is class.

For those ready to make Memorial Road your church home, the Welcome Class is the right stop.  These one-time, “MRCC 101” classes are offered every two or three weeks and if you’re ready, you can place membership after completing one.  And for those new to faith or new to churches of Christ, we have an in-depth, multi-week class called The Inside Story.

Once you’ve had a cup of coffee and been to class, you may be ready to identify yourself with Memorial Road by placing membership at a Welcome Class.

We call this “commitment” because we don’t just want you to fill out a card – we want you to be sure this is where you want to be and actively engaged in making MRCC a place where God is honored and served.

The purpose of the Path is to help you find your place at Memorial Road.

We think the steps and activities listed above will be beneficial. Through those (and other) outlets, and through the people you will meet and interact with along the way, we ultimately hope that you will get plugged into worship, a Bible class, a small group, and a ministry.