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Our small groups meet together for the sake of friendship, transformation, and outreach

What happens at a small group?

Each group has its own personality. Some small groups pray, study the Bible, or discuss the sermon. Some groups eat together. No matter what, the advantage of small groups is meeting in a home. More is possible when we are closer together.

Small Group Guides

Adult Guide

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Family Guide

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Join a Small Group

Our small groups have three goals: friendship, transformation, and outreach. We want our small group members to create deep spiritual friendships. We want our small groups to transform us to be more like Jesus. We want people to reach out to our neighbors who don’t know Jesus yet.

If you’d like to join a group, fill out the form below with your preferences. Then, we’ll ask a few groups who seem to be a match to invite you to try out their group. Through it all, staff will stay in touch to see how things are going.

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Adult Education
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Adult Education