Developing disciples who live and love the word of God

The Education Ministry disciples people at all stages of spiritual maturity to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We strive to transform our people into lifelong students of the Bible, and to develop their ability as teachers and servants to share God’s love.

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The Unity of the Spirit and the Bond of Peace

As we continue through a very divisive and polarizing time, this series will remind us of our bond together through the Holy Spirit.

All of our adult class are now meeting in-person every Sunday at 9:35.

We also offer classes for children and teenagers. You can find out more information on our Children’s Ministry page and our Youth & Family page.

College Students


College and university students.

Young Adults


College graduates and young single and married adults in their mid-late 20s

Young Professionals

Young single and married adults in their 30s-40s



Couples in their mid 20s – early 30s, most of whom have begun to have children


Couples in their 30s, many with children from infants to elementary


Mid-late 30s, many with children from infants to elementary


Mid 30s-40s, many with children in late elementary and up

Christian Families

Late 30s – mid 40s, many with children in high school and up

Middle Aged Adults

New Beginnings

Mid 40s-50s, many with children in high school and college

Families & Friends

Early-mid 50s, many with children in college and beyond

Cross Walk

Mid 50s-60s, many with children in college and beyond


Christians in Action

Early-mid 60s

Upward Bound

Mid-late 60s


Mid 60s – early 70s

Forever 50 Something

Mid 60s – 70s.


Mid 70s and older.



Adults of all ages, married or single.

Step by Step

A diverse group of new Christians, Christians whose spouses do not attend church, or people wanting to know more about Christianity.


A small group discussion class of basic Bible teachings for internationals.


Fall Wednesdays: September 8 – December 1

Join us for one of our fall Wednesday classes and events. Most classes meet from 6:30-7:30 pm, except where noted below.

Fall Classes and Events

Journey with Jesus

Rob Harmon | A101

Jesus took an incredible journey that we sometimes take for granted. He gave up a life in heaven with the Father so that he could bring about a new covenant for God’s people. And the only way he could bring about that new covenant was to live with his creation and to sacrifice himself to those he had created. But as great as that sacrifice was, he gave humanity even more. He gave an example of how to live a life. This class will look at Jesus a little more closely to understand how he conducted himself, how he reacted in certain situations, and how he had the strength to carry on.

Justice for All: Scriptural Truths about a Cultural Buzzword

Harold Shank | A117-118

In our culture today, we hear calls – from Christians and non-Christians alike – for “justice.” Scripture itself uses the word for “justice” hundreds of times. The concept is important for Christians to understand and practice, but what does it mean? Which definitions should we use? How do we root our understanding of justice in God’s word and not secular culture? This class will examine the ways and contexts in which scripture talks about justice, and it will consider ways Christians can practice justice in biblical ways.

Women in Scripture and Beyond

Alden Bass | A122-123

This class is a survey and analysis of the roles and impact of women in the history of Christianity from the earliest churches to the modern period of global Christianity. The class will profile notable individual women (like Phoebe or Mary Magdalene) in their historical context, examine influential stories about women (the Virgin Mary in the Middle Ages), and discuss the prevailing attitudes on various issues affecting women (such as modesty, marriage, domesticity, and others).

Sharing God’s Story While Being Yourself [Sept. 8 – Oct. 27]

Terry Fischer | A121

This class will discuss the changing questions about faith people are asking today and how that might alter where we begin as we share God’s story.  We will also cover several different styles of sharing faith.  A key goal of the class is to help participants come to an understanding of what style fits the personality and gifts God has given them and how they can use how God made them on his mission to our community.

Boundaries with Kids [Oct. 6 – Dec. 1]

Chase & Jennifer Ray, Matthew & Wendy Killough | A115-116

This video series by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend addresses the critical issues involved in learning when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to help your children gain control of their lives. For anyone in a parenting or teaching role, helping children learn responsibility is a key issue. From temper tantrums and attitude problems to drugs and sex, learning limits and becoming responsible is a major part of growing up.

Spiritual Formation for Young Adults

Phil Brookman | Fellowship Central

Spiritual disciplines are not something that you learn once and then become proficient in forever. Similar to a foreign language, spiritual disciplines must be learned and relearned and practiced for any real progress to be made. This class will look at some of the historic disciplines that have shaped the lives of Christians for thousands of years, utilizing both lecture and participatory exercises to digest the content.

Dealing With

Various Speakers (Facilitated by Todd Wright) | A113

Over the past year, everyone has had to deal with challenges and difficulties from COVID-19 and many other adversities. In this class, knowledgeable speakers will explore these topics using Biblical teaching, expertise and experience, in order to help us to be better equipped in addressing these issues. Topics include change, doubt, loneliness, anger, stress, racial division, and more.

A Word from the Wives II: Elders’ Wives Share Life Lessons
[Women’s Speaker Series]

Various Speakers | A105-106

Each week, this class will feature one or more of our elders’ wives as guest speakers. All women are invited to come hear these presentations from leaders at MRCC. View the full schedule here.

Care/Support Groups

DivorceCare [6:30-8:00]

Jennifer Gotcher | A108

This weekly seminar and support group is for people who are separated or divorced and who would like to be around others who understand the complex feelings and experiences that are common in this recovery.   These meetings include education and discussion about healing from the hurt of separation or divorce, as well as a time to gain support. To register, please visit

Ongoing Classes


Clay Hart | A103-104

This class is designed for one on one or small group conversations centered on discussion of short texts from a simplified English translation of the Bible. Internationals are paired with native English speakers in order to improve language skills, share their stories, and develop friendship while talking about God, culture, and life.

The Parables of Jesus [Earlybird Class; 5:15-6:00 pm]

Brian Simmons | A105-106

Jesus’ parables make a lot more sense and have a lot more depth after you understand their cultural references and context. This class will help you hear the parables through first-century ears.


Feel free to send us a message if you’re interested in getting involved or have any questions about the Adult Education Ministry!

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