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Welcome! We’re Glad You’re Here.

Thanks for choosing Memorial Road! We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Sunday Mornings

Worship | 8:15 & 10:45

Bible Class | 9:35

Sunday Evenings

Worship | 5:00

Small Groups | Various Times

Wednesday Evenings

Early Bird | 5:15

Bible Class | 6:30

What to expect

When you are a guest at Memorial Road, we want you to feel comfortable, so here is a snap shot of what you can expect when you honor us with a visit.

The Setting

Our door greeters will help you with any needs you might have. In our auditorium, feel free to sit anywhere.

The Music

One of the unique things about Memorial Road is that the music is ‘a cappella;’ that is, we sing without the use of musical instruments. We love the beauty and joy of worshiping God from our hearts with our voices. We believe you will find the singing meaningful and uplifting, with everyone being invited to participate.


Communion will also be included in our worship time. During this time, trays of unleavened bread (symbolizing the body of Jesus) and cups of grape juice (symbolizing the blood of Jesus) will be passed throughout the auditorium. You do not have to participate in this celebration of what Jesus did for us on the cross. You are welcome to just pass the trays to the next person.

Financial Offering

Trays will also be passed to collect a weekly financial offering. As our guest, you are not expected to make a donation.

Welcome Books

During the offering, Welcome Books will be passed down the aisle for members and guests to fill out a card. The guest card will provide us with contact information so that we can follow up with you and thank you for your visit. In addition, there will be a Prayer and Information Card inside the Welcome Book.This card provides you an opportunity to request prayers of our elders and/or staff and information about some of our ongoing ministries offered at Memorial Road.

Prayers & Sermon

When you honor us with a visit you will hear spoken prayers and a lesson from God’s Word. We believe in the power of prayer and God’s Word, so these aspects will take up a considerable amount of our worship time. The lesson is normally 25-30 minutes long. We hope you find it refreshingly Bible-centered and applicable to your life.


At the close of the lesson, the minister will “extend an invitation.” He will encourage those who wish to ‘respond’ to come to the front of the auditorium while the congregation sings. At this time, if you need help spiritually in any way, please come forward.

First Cup

Each week we invite first-time guests to spend some time with members of our ministerial staff. This informal orientation session allows you to get information about Memorial Road in a personalized way. Here you can learn about our ministries, programs, small groups and Bible studies. Our staff can also visit with you about what it means to be a member of the Memorial Road church family. First Cup meets every Sunday morning at 9:35 am in the Conference Room and is a great first step to find out more about our church family.

Planning To Visit?

If you are going to be a guest and want to let us know, please provide the information below. We can have a greeter waiting to answer your questions and show you around.

    In need of help?

    We have many resources for our members and the community.