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Twelve Quick Ideas to Encourage Others

  • Write your local and state representatives when they make a decision you support.
  • Write your Bible class teacher or small group leader after a particularly good lesson.
  • Write your kids’ teachers and/or other volunteers at the beginning or end of the quarter (at church) or school year.
  • Keep a yearly recurring calendar of significant dates for people close to you (birthday of deceased loved one, anniversary if spouse is deceased, dates of death of loved ones) and send them a note every year on our around that date.
  • Write a positive social media post about someone and tag him/her in it.
  • Each Sunday before coming to MRCC, spend 5 minutes in prayer and write down 3-5 people you are going to intentionally encourage while here.
  • If you see people you know mentioned positively in the news or on social media, write them a note that you saw it.
  • About a month after a tragedy, when most people have moved on, write or call the person affected and see how they’re doing.
  • Go to a game, performance, or other event of someone not in your family (maybe a small group member or a friend’s kid).
  • Write someone’s boss praising his/her work, and CC (or BCC) that person.
  • If you witness a server or retail worker getting treated poorly, tell him/her “I’m sorry he/she was saying those things to you. You really handled that well.”
  • When introducing people to one another, don’t just give name and basic information. Say a few words of praise or note a specific accomplishment or quality of the person.