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El Roi: The God Who Sees Me

14 February 2021
Series: Stand Alone
Topic: el roi , Faith , God , Love , see

Speaker: Phil Brookman

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Phil preached a stand-alone sermon called El Roi. This is the name for God used in Genesis 16 and means, “The God Who Sees Me.” We all have moments where we wish someone would simply notice us – how hard we’ve worked, how long we’ve suffered, how much we’ve accomplished. But sadly, in a world designed to steal our attention, there is often very little attention left to give one another. This is why the promise of El Roi is so vital for us to claim today. God assures us in his word that even when the rest of the world passes us by, he doesn’t. Phil will help us understand that even in those days when we feel all alone, we can know that we have been caught in the gaze of a God with infinite attention and infinite love.⁠