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Old Testament Leaders


Full 13 week curriculum for series on Old Testament Leaders

These lessons are prepared for 4 year olds.

This downloadable link expires in 2 weeks.

Lessons for Old Testament Leaders:

Lesson 1:  The Promised Land

Lesson 2:  Moses Sends Twelve Spies

Lesson 3:  Balaam’s Talking Donkey

Lesson 4:  Rahab Helps Two Spies

Lesson 5:  Crossing the Jordan

Lesson 6:  The Fall of Jericho

Lesson 7:  Reaching the Promised Land

Lesson 8:  Deborah – A Judge for God’s People

Lesson 9:  God Gives Hannah a Son

Lesson 10:  Samuel Listens to God

Lesson 11:  Josiah – A King for God’s People

Lesson 12:  Esther Becomes Queen

Lesson 13:  Esther Saves Her People