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The Life of Jesus (Part 1)


Full 13 week curriculum for series on The Life of Jesus (Part 1)

These lessons are prepared for 4 year olds.

This downloadable link expires in 2 weeks.

Lessons for The Life of Jesus (Part 1):

Lesson 1:  The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 2:  Wise Men Visit

Lesson 3:  A Trip to the Temple

Lesson 4:  Young Jesus Grows Up

Lesson 5:  John Prepares the Way

Lesson 6:  Jesus is Baptized

Lesson 7:  Jesus Chooses Helpers


Lesson 8:  Water to Wine

Lesson 9:  A Blind Man is Healed

Lesson 10:  Dinner for 5,000

Lesson 11:  Calming a Storm

Lesson 12:  Through the Roof

Lesson 13:  Walking on Water