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Prayer Wall

In these times of anxiety and uncertainty, we can draw strength not only from our own prayers, but from hearing the prayers and thoughts that others are lifting up to the Father. Our hope is that as you read the prayers posted here, you will find encouragement and perhaps even new language to weave into your own prayers. Please feel free to submit your own prayer using the link below.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7

“Father, your world is sick. Hospitals are overrun. Businesses are dying. Schools are closed. Hearts are fearful. Death assaults us from every side. Our rhythms of work and rest and play have ceased. Our relationships have weakened. We are bored, afraid, tired, and sad. One day this will all be a story, but today it is simply reality. Reality with no end. So, Lord, as we walk the valley of shadows, we humbly bring our requests to you. Comfort those who mourn. Calm those who fret. Give wisdom to doctors, understanding to scientists. Destroy this disease from our world. And destroy idolatry in our hearts. As we wander in a wilderness of loss, recalibrate our longing towards what is lasting. Re-gospel our hearts so that news of the virus is overshadowed by the good news of Jesus. Teach us to pray. Teach us to love. Teach us to suffer. May the sickness of our world increase our longing yours.”
– Phil Brookman
Changing times or not?

When Buzz Aldrin and the boys were up there on the moon,
they pulled out the communion and changed thoughts none too soon.
They acknowledged the church, vine and the ever-present God,
despite the realization that they were not on normal sod.  (John 15:5)
We now are embarking on another awesome task
And it also comes hard and no one knows what to ask.
But it seems that God has seen disease, and told Moses of his caring,
he said quarantine and watch yourselves and do so without erring. (Leviticus 13)
So-take the word, search and pray and may we find a meaning
and whatever happens will give us a glimpse of God’s ever- lasting leaning.
– Dennis Kelly
“Father, please watch over my brother and all other military personal on deployment who are being extended and who have a lot of question marks in their future right now. Help them trust you and lean on you during this. Put people and situations in their lives that will continually redirect them to you when doubts and concerns arise. Watch over and guide them to fulfill the purposes you have for them.”
– Natalie Nill
“Thank you Lord for everyone who is making the Live Stream Worship Service possible! It is a true blessing in a time where we are missing a lot of normal things, this gives us a little normal. Thank you God for these people!”
– Kurtis Dobbs
“Our Heavenly Father, Thanks you for technology that allows us to worship together, even though we are at each of our homes. What a blessing it is to worship and praise you who made all things and created us to live in a world so beautiful, even though it has evil in it because of sin. Help us to encourage one another by worshiping God online together. Thank you for Scott leading us in meaningful songs and prayer. Also thank you for Phil leading in a thought provoking lesson we needed about fear. Help us to remember that you are with us in times like this and will give us a peace that transcends all understanding (Philippians 4.7b). Thank you, thank you God! In our Savior’s name, Amen”
– Dennis Heitmann
“Emmanuel, God be with us. Thank you for your peace that passes understanding. I believe, please help my unbelief. Emmanuel, God be with us.”
– Anonymous
“Dear God of miracles, we need a miracle right now. The human race is hurting. People all over the world are dying from a plague, dying by the thousands. And we are afraid. Our hope is waning. Father, help us not be afraid. Help us trust in you, the God who has delivered, and the God who will deliver us now. Protect us from the spread of the coronavirus. Keep us healthy. Bless those who are infected, and give them a full recovery. Bless and comfort those who have already lost loved ones, and surround them with Your presence. Ease our fears. Help us discern between fact and fiction in the vast media we take in, and help us to limit what we take in. Be with the many who have lost jobs and are struggling just to make ends meet. Please provide fully. Be with our nation that has forsaken you. Forgive our sin, and turn our hearts back to you. Help us to continue to proclaim “One nation under God”, and don’t abandon us. Father, we miss meeting together. You designed us for community, and you even command it in Your Word. And yet we are being forced to isolate. We are grateful for the technology that can still bring us together, for the time being. But when the pandemic is over, help us not continue to isolate ourselves with our technology, as we’ve already been doing, but help us learn the value of real relationships. Please restore that soon. Be with our leaders, as they make critical decisions to keep us safe. Give them the wisdom to know how to manage resources, and send aid to where it is needed. And help the current extended governmental powers not to become permanent, but to return to where they were when the crisis is over. Be with our medical workers, who are most in harm’s way, as they risk their lives to save others. Give them the equipment they need, keep them healthy, give them strength to keep serving as they are overworked and stressed, and most of all, give them success in making people well. Be with our military, who are working around the clock to keep us safe. Give them strength, and keep them safe and full of hope. Help us step up and help others in this trying time, and help us shine Your light and give hope in this lost and dying world, and point others to Jesus. Thank you for reconciling us to you through Your Son. Help us stay focused on You. And in Jesus’ name, Amen.”
– Aaron Sechrest
“Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you Lord for the lifeline of prayer. Thank you Lord that we can pray to you in all circumstances, in happy times and in difficult times. Lord, I thank you that this virus helps us to see how much we need you and how much we need each other. Help us to grab hold of opportunities to reach out (by phone, by text, however available) and spread your light. Help us to be thankful for the opportunity to “slow down” a bit, to improve self discipline and learn to trust you more. Although some of us are slowing down, some are busier and more stressed than ever and I pray you will calm their minds and anxious hearts and give them peace; peace for our health care workers, the nurses, the doctors, the caregivers in facilities, our leaders, our elders, parents of young children, children of elderly, and people helping provide meals for others to name just a few. As I type this, a beautiful sunrise is coming up… so very thankful to know you are with us and you’re love and care is steady and with us yesterday, today and always! Help us all to lean into that truth. Thank you Lord for being with us through every step! Amen.“
– Pennie Green
“Dear Father. Your will is higher than all else. Be with those in our lives that our at a greater risk for this disease. And in all things let your will be done. Guide us and keep us. In your Son’s name, Amen.“
– Peyton Penick
“Thank you Lord of heaven for all that you give. Thank you for the skies that proclaim you, your invisible qualities that can be seen through what is made, and for eternity that is placed in the hearts of men. Thank you that you are not slow in your promises but patient, not wanting any to perish. Help all to look and see you, to consider the breath of our life here, and to respond to your invitation. For those of us that claim you as our God and know Jesus as our Savior and the Holy Spirit as our Comforter, help us to grow in our love and commitment to you, so with rejoicing and gladness we look forward to heaven and share and shine our faith, hope, and love on earth. Praise to You.“
– Anonymous
“It’s the LORD’s Day!! John 4:23-24 NKJV But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” We look forward to worshiping together again, face to face. We are thankful, that from the context of John 4, our worship is not tied to a certain place, but is about doing so in Spirit and truth.“
– Todd & D’Ann Moehlenbrock
“God of the whole world
The healthy and the sick
The rich and the poor
The employed and the unemployed
How long must we live like this? How long will people continue to die? How long will we be isolated from one another? How long will people live in fear of what’s next? How long will we feel anxious without an end in sight?
Bring an end to this sickness and suffering. Stop these senseless deaths. Calm our feelings of panic.
You could bring an end to this instantly if you wanted you.
Don’t you see the people hurting? Do you not hurt for the people losing loved ones? Are you blind to the panic the whole world is feeling? Do you feel our sense of utter dread and helplessness?
Your church can help with food, supplies, and bills. But we cannot stop people from dying. Only you can do that.
And yet time and time again, you have stayed with your creation. You have never abandoned it fully. You may seem idle during disaster, but you are active during recovery.
We will praise you from our screens and living rooms now, and we look forward to when we can praise you as a physically gathered church too.”
– Josh Kingcade
“Lament of the Spring of Torment We acknowledge you as the awesome and ever powerful God who knows our needs wherever we may trod. Have you not heard our pleading and begging for relief, heard our pleas and laments as we suffer the terrible grief? Hear our cries of desperate sounds and fears, please O God wipe world of our disease stained tears. End this drought of cures and sorrowful prayers and help us meet the needs of those with awesome cares. There is no one who can save us at this terrible time we know like you our God and Savior, so please do make it so.”
– Anonymous April 2, 2020
“This is something that is challenging and overwhelming to us,
we do not even know what we can do or even what to discuss.
This is a feeling of helplessness and very scary and sad,
should we cry out, lament and be mad?
Teach me to learn from your examples and everlasting words,
though we want to lash out against the world in a tongue of swords.
Teach me to pray and ask for your help as we go,
make your will visible and help us to acknowledge it when it does show.
You said you would never leave or forsake,
show it to us as fear of this pandemic we do shake.
You said your son would cover our inequities and sin,
forgive us as we remember that thru him, we forever may begin again.”
– Dennis Kelly
“Dear heavenly father, I pray for all the doctors and nurses around the world who work tirelessly to save the lives of those who are affected by this pandemic. Lord please give them strength and energy to fight this. Lord I pray for their safety and their families who are worried for them. Lord keep them safe and help their families to find courage to trust you during this time. Lord I know that you are fighting for us and that you will win in the end.”
– Susan
“Father, I’m sorry for not living up to your standards. I pray for forgiveness and I repent of my daily shortcomings. I/We want to be the person you call us to be. A light upon a hill. Give us the words and the compassion to be that example so that others can know you during these current events. You are the God of the cosmos and control the molecules of our DNA. We cannot fathom you but we know you are with us. You are the only one that can ease our world’s problems and we ask for your intervention. You are the remedy to all of our problems and we are thankful for the hope you provide. Please hear our prayer and ease our suffering.”
Clint Jennings