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Summary of the Mombasa Work


In February of 1987 the Lord’s church was planted in the port city of Mombasa, Kenya through World Bible School follow-up.  In September 1990 Ken and Pat Beckloff moved to Mombasa with another missionary couple to work full time with that young church.  At that time there were about 15 faithful Christians meeting each Sunday.  From that beginning the church in Mombasa has grown to 14 urban congregations and many more in rural areas around Mombasa.  Mombasa evangelists established most of these congregations on their own.  The work in Mombasa is now expanding rapidly, impacting churches from the Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria.

From the beginning the work in Mombasa has had three areas of focus:

Evangelism:  campaign teams, WBS, individual teaching

Local church planting and development

Leadership Training through Mombasa Educational Institute where Christians are trained in Bible and Ministry


Mombasa Children’s Fund was established in 2006 in response to increasing numbers of orphans in the Mombasa churches.  These churches provided great love, care, and guidance for these children and did what they could to meet their physical needs but lacked the resources for all their financial needs.  Therefore, several families in America partnered with the Mombasa churches to provide school fees, books, uniforms, and a few living expenses for these children.

From the beginning with children from three families Mombasa Children’s Fund has now grown to assist over 80 children, most of whom have lost at least one parent, and all are in very adverse financial conditions.  There are several other needy children on the waiting list that have been recommended by Mombasa church leaders.

The backbone of the program is the work of local churches in Mombasa.  Each church involved has set up a benevolence committee which recommends needy children, provides counsel to the children and their families, and administers the funds to insure they are used for the intended purpose.

Primary school children sponsorship is $25.00 per month or $300.00 annually.  A secondary school student may be sponsored for $600.00 annually or $50.00 per month.  Continuing education is nowadays essential to obtaining employment, so sponsorship for vocational training to university degree programs is provided from $800.00.  Students making high marks on their secondary school national exams to qualify for reduced tuition to government universities may receive $1,200.00 or $600 per semester.

We have also begun seeking sponsors for qualified students to attend teacher training colleges.  Several have graduated from teacher training colleges with credentials to teach in primary schools and are now employed at Kimbilio Academy, Tumaini Academy, Bethel Junior Academy, Ken-Pat academy and another school.   This program enables the church members to obtain employment and also provides teachers for our Christian schools in Mombasa.

In 2014 the program includes 26 students in primary school, 29 in secondary school, 6 in vocational school, 7 in teacher’s colleges, and 10 in university for a total of 78 . Four have earned Teacher’s Certificates and one a bachelor’s degree.   One graduated from university in December 2013, with three others now in the final semester.  Six are now teaching in schools.

Children are normally dropped from the program when a widow or widower remarries, when they leave Mombasa and are no longer active in a church of Christ, when a minor child’s parent is no longer faithful, or when they finish secondary school and do not qualify or have plans for continuing education.


If you’d like to give to the Mombasa Children’s Fund or the Mombasa Missions, feel free to do so here. To learn more about the Mombasa Children’s Fund, please contact Marty Karguth in the church office. You can also get involved with missions in Mombasa, Kenya by working with the World Bible School program at Memorial Road.