World Bible School

Equipping and empowering believers in distant lands

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Millions in foreign countries already believe in God and are anxious to learn more about Christ and the Bible. Few of us in America will ever be able to travel to these distant lands to share the saving message. The World Bible School Ministry is a way we can each respond to Jesus’ charge to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.

Every month we receive the names of hundreds who wish to study our free lessons. Each week several students write requesting baptism. Wouldn’t you enjoy helping to equip and empower these believers in distant lands?

If you can give these precious souls 30 minutes a week, working at home, contact Dennis Heitmann.

Receive Bible Courses

If you would like to receive exciting, free Bible courses, write World Bible School at P.O. Box 6596, Edmond, OK, 73083.

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