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Adult Education

online classes launched



Sunday adult classes

Multiple Sunday and weeknight classes had people joining from all over the country and even all over the world. People invited their coworkers, neighbors, and friends to their Zoom Bible classes who might not have attended anything here in person.

Campus Ministry


students at MRCC


students on retreat


meals served to students

Care & Counseling

Counseling opportunities

January-November 2021 MRCC members



CARE programs

  • MERGE Marriage Prep Class
  • Alzheimer’s Caregivers
  • Grief Support
  • Divorce Support


Gifts to children at Second Chances


Gifts to children at MRCC


Families served by COVID relief fund


Families served by benevolence fund

Celebrate Recovery

Our numbers are small this year, but we continue to see Newcomers come each month. We have also had new people step up to help in leadership. We have been able to meet in person, have child care, and, as of October, resume serving dinner weekly. We have also been able to start new step studies for both men and women. 

Resuming dinner was a big step for us as that takes a lot of coordination, but we realized without it just how helpful that weekly option is for our families. Having that available makes it more possible for some people to come each week. It takes the burden of a quick fix/clean up dinner or expensive meal out away. It also increases our attendance numbers.

Children’s Ministry

Back At It

It is so good to see so many familiar faces back in our preschool Bible classes and Creation Station. We have also welcomed several new families! We have had 30 new babies already this year at MRCC. We look forward to celebrating these new little ones at our family blessing in early 2022. 

This year we have seen several of our Journey Land age children baptized into Christ. We are so excited to watch them grow spiritually, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the spiritual journey.

Each week in Children’s Ministry, we have every generation represented as teachers, helpers, Journeymen, mentors, nursery nanas, buddies, etc. We have grandmas and grandpas helping us. We have older brothers and sisters; we have young adults; we have moms and dads; we have aunts and uncles; the list goes on.  What a great blessing to have everyone share in the responsibility of teaching our young children the love of God and passing on their own faith.  

We are extremely grateful to an eldership and congregation that makes Biblical education for children a priority and is willing to dedicate funds to that experience. Each week, we have the privilege of watching the fruit of that investment.


  • Family Blessing
  • Drive -thru Princess Encounter
  • Western BBQ
  • Wheels Day
  • Inside Out Camp
  • Drive-In Movie
  • Back to School Bash
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Polar Express Drive In

All-Church Stats

New Members


Baptisms to Date


Children Born/Adopted to Date


General fund contributions are around 94% of budget. 

Community Outreach- our town


teachers adopted at Orvis Risner

Our Town had a busy year in 2021. The ministry’s efforts have been ongoing for over 5 years at Orvis Elementary School, but this year a new principal was put in place following the retirement of Penny Gooch, a huge supporter of the church’s efforts at Orvis. Fortunately, the new principal is equally enthusiastic about the ministry and has supported all existing programs and added some new ideas. MRCC classes adopted 27 teachers, providing them gift cards to help with items in their class, a beginning of the year welcome breakfast, and periodic encouragement through small gestures like Sonic drinks, etc. This fall, Susan Huslig led a team of volunteers to landscape the long-neglected courtyard at Orvis. This effort was particularly special because it included several Orvis staff members working side by side with our volunteers to offer a complete makeover of the courtyard. Orvis Risner even posted pictures and applauded the effort on their social media page. Memorial Road’s budget covered all the expenses of the new plants, mulch, and drip irrigation system.

Thanksgiving Day in the City

Disaster Relief


in donations for New Orleans Hurricane relief

International Ministry

We hosted our 30th annual International Thanksgiving Dinner. It was the largest ever!

Praise God for powerful and loving ways we see the Lord working! After many people spending time in prayer and fasting for this ministry, we see him answering those prayers!

Lighthouse Ministry

In Matthew 25:40, we are told that “whatever you do for the least of these, you did it for me.” There are many stories of blessings this year at the Lighthouse Medical Clinic.

We were able to buy a new ultrasound machine. This has blessed several practices: family, gastroenterology, ob-gyn, and wound care. With this new machine, we were able to do an anatomy scan of a baby for a mom who was then able to the photo to the father who is currently living outside the US.

DLO brought Mercy labs to extend their charitable resources, which allows us to continue to draw our labs for free.

We were able to bring back better mobility for 2 patients providing them with hip replacement surgery.

We have blessed many families providing 200 sports physicals to those in our community.

We were excited to be the recipients of the OU Health Dash Run receiving $6,110.

God is always working at the LIghthouse!


patients seen total


sports physicals


new ultrasound machine


OU Health Dash Run recipient


The Men’s Sharpen Dinner had over 110 men in attendance to hear David Duncan from Houston, TX speak about how men can truly sharpen each other in fellowship and accountability. A great meal and a valuable time of sharing each other’s life experiences made the evening very special. 
On-Call Service Ministry has had 6 work projects this summer and fall with over 60 men helping with projects of tree branch cleanup, debris pickup, furniture moving, and mulch spreading. 
The Men’s Mission Trip went to Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home in September with 12 hard-working guys to help build rooms, pour concrete, remodel and repair parts of the school and enjoy fellowship with the students, teachers, and church there. 
“First Light” weekly devotional message goes out to over 1100 men at MRCC and literally around the world! Men in our fellowship contribute these rich, spiritual insights of faith and encouragement each Wednesday morning as the sun comes up! 
Iron Coffee continues to be a great start each month with more than 45 guys meeting at 4 locations to have fellowship, coffee, laughter, study, and prayer. 
“Dealing With” class on Wednesday nights has had great attendance of 40 people discussing all of the things we have each had to deal with throughout this pandemic time. 
The Men’s Silverleaf Shotgun Shoot involved 32 guys on a crisp beautiful fall Saturday morning. Teams had fun and enjoyed making new friendships. 


attended Sharpen dinner


on call service projects

1 100

men receive First Light devotional each week


attended Men’s Mission trip


423 Magi Boxes sent to children in Mexico for Christmas

$835,300 raised on Missions Sunday, HIGHEST Mission Sunday total

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” Isaiah 52:7

Missions Sunday 2021 was a wonderful reminder of who we serve and why he put us here in this time and place. Classes worshipped together, missionaries joined us via zoom, and this church reached deep to make sure the message of the gospel continues to be heard near and far.

The Power of a Plant

Kooi’s Join EEM

It was almost exactly 10 years ago that a young married couple agreed to be a part of the HIM program and would be going to Vienna, Austria, at the request of our mission team there. In ten years, Will & Holly Kooi have added two beautiful children to their family and have been responsible for untold outreach into Austria, encouraging young people to draw closer to faith, baptizing many, developing connections with migrants coming through Vienna, and helping many others with mental health improvement. And now, it is time for another transition. Will has accepted a position with Eastern European Missions. EEM gets Bibles into the hands of hundreds of thousands of seekers throughout Eastern Europe every year, and we wholeheartedly support their work. You may even recall that our former Young Adults Minister, Bart Rybinski, heads the Vienna operation for EEM. While we are saddened for our loss of a direct team member, we are so excited to see what EEM will accomplish with this great family joining the work across the continent.

Prison Ministry

Mailed out 20,000 Bible lessons this year. 



fleet vehicles


ministries served


miles driven


people transported

Women’s ministry

 There is a lot of good being done individually and behind the scenes!   


At fellowship events


Worked in Women’s Service Week 


participated in new Heartfelt program


In Bible studies

Young Adults

  • Encounter worship
  • Retreats
  • Fellowship

Youth Ministry


adults involved weekly this year


students engaged weekly




Our summer was filled with wonderful, memorable, and deep spiritual moments that took place during our mission trips to Tulsa, Memphis, and San Antonio, camp sessions at Pettijohn, and small groups on Wednesday nights. A highlight of our summer was camp, with the theme being Revive. The focus was on bringing things back to life. During camp, God was moving among our students with His own mini-revival as many of our students came to know Christ and were baptized because of the interactions they had had with each other, our sponsors, and our experiences during the summer.