September 20,2020

Sunday Worship, Class, and Small Group Content

This page is a one-stop shop for each week’s worship & sermon video, adult Bible class video and lesson plan, and QGroup discussion questions.

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Q Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever missed out on something important because you were absent? Conversely, what opportunities have you been able to capitalize on by being present?
  2. What strikes you about the simplicity of the Spirit’s instructions to Philip in the story of his encounter with the
  3. Ethiopian? Do you see modern relevance in the story?
  4. How is the work of missionaries fundamentally different or similar today compared to what we read about in scripture?
  5. In your view, what are the best ways for us to support and encourage missionaries today? How can you put that into practice this week?
  6. Whose chariot are you staying near in your own context? Do you feel called to remain present in the life of someone that doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus?
  7. What does being present in someone’s life look like to you? How might that position you to be a godly influence?