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Bible Reading Bookmarks – Year 2


This is Year 2 Bible Reading Bookmarks for all 6 rotations.

Our Bible Reading Bookmarks are offered as a set of six bookmarks per Journey Land rotation, one bookmark per week of the rotation.

The bookmarks are for students & their parents to use at home as they work on reading the Bible together, and allows their home readying to line up with the topics of study in Bible class.  Bookmarks can be brought back to class each Sunday for a small incentive.

*When you order these Bible Reading Bookmarks, you will be emailed a link to download.

The folder will contain a Microsoft Word version of the bookmarks, (that you can customize by adding the weekly dates), and a PDF version of the bookmarks that you can just immediately print without adding custom dates.

Year 2, Rotation 1:  Moses, God’s Great Leader

 Year 2, Rotation 2:  God’s Law is Given to Moses

 Year 2, Rotation 3:  Heroes of the Old Testament – Joshua and the Judges

                       Year 2, Rotation 4:  The LAW:  Kings of Israel – Saul

                       Year 2, Rotation 5:  The LAW:  Kings of Israel – David

                       Year 2, Rotation 6:  The LAW:  Kings of Israel – Solomon