Audio/Video System Instructions

Step by step instructions and information for all of our available a/v systems

General Instructions

  1. Many systems have a key in a lock box you’ll need to access to use the system. You should receive the code when you reserve the room. (If you are an MRCC class teacher, you can get the code from your class leader or the education minister.)
  2. Our equipment is wired for HDMI inputs. If you have a device with other video ports (e.g., Thunderbolt, Lightning, USB-C), be sure to bring your own adapter. We are unable to provide adapters for you. If you are unsure what kind of port your device has, make sure you confirm that before you show up for your event.
  3. Please do not unplug any cables or reconfigure the systems beyond what is outlined in each room’s instructions.
  4. Follow each room’s instructions to power down and lock up when you’re finished.
  5. Email if something isn’t working properly so we can troubleshoot. (This email is not monitored 24/7, so it’s not for immediate assistance.)
  6. If you have a high stakes event and/or just want to test out the system ahead of time, email us and we’ll set up a time to help you out.