Helping prisoners grow in their knowledge of and relationship to Jesus Christ through the scriptures, thereby empowering them to be a positive contribution to society and their family

This ministry works with prisoners and their families with the hope that they will become followers of Christ and productive members of the community.

Thank you so much for the birthday card and providing your time to spreading the Good News with us who walk in the darkness of prison.

You helped me see through my confusion and also gave me the keys to discern my mistakes.  Without your notes to show the differences, I may have been stuck in confusion and become frustrated to why I was wrong

Other than my mother, you are the only people that said anything about my birthday and that means a lot.  I have learned a lot about Jesus and the Bible with your help.  I’m grateful that there are people still out there, like you, that have faith in people like me.

I know I will fall short at some point in my life, but with the things you have helped me see and learn, I know I will never end up in a place like this again.  So, I want you to know that you have a special place in my heart and it’s forever going to be there.

Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved in one of these activities, contact our Prison Minister, Jerry Way.

Write letters of encouragement

Grade correspondence courses

Conduct Bible studies in the prisons

Drive vans to correctional facilities to provide transportation for prisoners to and from worship services

Participate in baptizing inmates

Help make and serve meals on Sundays after worship


Jerry Way


Krista Welch


Sue Draper


Kelli Kenyon


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