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Helping students learn to use their gifts and abilities to serve God and others

Leadership Training for Christ is an organization designed to stimulate and encourage spiritual, mental, and social growth among students in grades three through twelve. Its mission is to achieve this growth by developing skills in leadership, Bible knowledge, and Christian servanthood. Skill development in each of these areas will be accomplished through participation in a variety of individual and group events.


Leadership Training for Christ trains youth from 3rd grade through 12th grade to become servant leaders.  Through LTC, parents, single adults, and college students can find numerous opportunities to train the young people in the church to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Memorial Road Church participates in the North Texas Chapter of LTC.
More information on this chapter can be found at the North Texas LTC site.


Coach a team to participate in various events

Prepare or provide snacks for student practice sessions 

Help with Bible Bowl | Bible Quiz practice sessions

Assist with materials and | or props for various events

Ministry leaders

Please contact Chris and Jeana Clark for more information or to get involved in our LTC activities at Memorial Road.