Giving Back to the Community


The Magi Project is a coordinated effort of the churches of Christ to provide a Christmas gift box to children in an economically suppressed part of the world. Each family is encouraged to fill a shoebox with toys, candy, clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items so that a child can enjoy Christmas. In doing so, your family will be serving as an extension of Christ’s mercy and grace. Instructions on how to fill one of the Magi boxes are located at Information Central. For over 20 years, this congregation has participated in the Magi Project. This year we will again be sending the Magi boxes to our sister congregations in Piedras Negras and Allende, Mexico. 

Bring your boxes to the main office during working hours, or pull up to the building and call 405.478.0166 and we’ll come out and get them, or set them on the stage by November 8th.

Fall Food Drive

Our Fall Food Drive this year will be from November 9th through the 15th. Items can be brought to the office anytime during working hours that week, or items can be brought to the stage on Sunday the 15th.


We cannot host international Thanksgiving this November. However, we would still like to bless International people in our community in a different way this year.Instead of hosting internationals for a meal we have decided to deliver “blessing bags” to the people we would have invited. The purpose of a blessing bag is to extend a warm welcome to internationals living among us, to share the spirit of the season of thanksgiving, and to let people know we care.

We are excited about this opportunity to share the spirit of Thanksgiving even though we are not able to sit around the table and enjoy a meal together.

We are going to need a lot of help to make it happen. We will be asking the whole church to consider helping. Here are some ways help is needed:

We need names and addresses of international friends and acquaintances in the OKC area whom we would like to bless. We already have a list of those who were here for our 2019 international thanksgiving meal, and we hope to add many more names.
We will need volunteers to meet on Sunday, November 15th, to prepare all the blessing bags for delivery.
We will need volunteers to deliver the bags between November 15th and 19th to the people on our list.



For the Thanksgiving holiday, we are assembling and delivering meals to those with limitations that keep them from having a traditional homemade meal for the holiday. Go to the event page to learn more; volunteer on the morning Wednesday, November 25; recommend a recipient for a meal; or donate money for pies.

Prison Ministry Hygiene KITs

We will be providing care packages with hygiene items for the residents of two correctional facilities in OKC. If you would like to contribute, please give cash or checks marked “Prison Hygiene Kits” to Jerry Way or to the main office by November 29th.


Pick up packets on November 15th for as many people as you’d like from our various Christmas gift projects for Capitol Hill, Luther, and Memorial Road families. Do your shopping, then bring your gifts back to the main office area by Sunday, December 6. If you like, you can pull up to the building during working hours, call 405.478.0166, and we will come out and get your packages for you.