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Bringing members closer together through Bible study, discipleship, service, and evangelism.

QGroups are MRCC’s primary small group ministry. The Q comes from the Hebrew word qashar, which can mean “bound together.” We hope our group members become bound together through Bible study, discipleship, service, and evangelism. 

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Meeting Times

QGroups will meet weekly at various times, and each group will typically meet at a consistent day and time each week. Group leaders will decide the meeting day and time for their group. We have groups meeting at many different times, so pick one that best fits your schedule.

Bible Study

While each group will have its own personality, all groups will spend the majority of their time in Bible study and discussion, which forms the core of QGroups. At every group meeting, you can expect to spend quality time reading, studying, and discussing scripture. QGroups are one way to help apply the word of God to your life.

QGroup Curriculum Options

The items in this section can be requested for your QGroup's use. We will order one printed guide per group. If you request a video series, we will check it out to you for the duration of your study. You are also welcome to just order and pay for your group's materials directly from the Amazon link.

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Life Change

QGroups are life-change groups. We want people to be better disciples because of their time spent in Bible study. We want people to be more evangelistic as they find new opportunities to invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers to their group meetings.