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Faithful Words- The Psalms and the Life of Faith

Faithful Words- The Psalms and the Life of Faith


The Psalms are 150 poems and songs, composed by many writers, which express human emotion to God. In contrast to most of the Bible, which involves God speaking to humans, the Psalms are inspired speech from humans to God.

There are many ways to organize a study of the Psalms.  In THIS study of the psalms, we will examine the psalms as speech to God that addresses three distinct seasons of life:
  1. Human life includes satisfied seasons of well-being that evoke gratitude for the constancy of blessing.
  2. Human life includes anguished seasons of hurt, alienation, suffering, and death.
  3. Human life includes turns of surprise when we are overwhelmed with the new gifts of God, when joy breaks through the despair.
In other words, this study will explore the high peaks and low valleys of the life of faith and how faithful people speak to God in all these circumstances.