A 2020 Mid-year Report

The Road to Hope

2019 seems like ten years ago. It’s hard to believe that just a few short months back we were getting settled into 2020, completely unaware that it was about to become one of the most memorable years in living memory. Much has happened in those short months, and it’s so easy to fixate on the negative. That’s certainly understandable; we remain incredibly concerned about the challenges the world faces and how we as believers should be responding. Yet one doesn’t have to look hard to see the church at work in a powerful way during these anxious, momentous times. As you look at the stories, images, statistics, and testimonies that follow, you’ll see God acting through His people. You’ll see evidence that even in – and perhaps, especially in – times of trouble, there is more than enough reason to have hope.

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Adult Education

Adult Education Classes Online

Quarantined Conversations

Amplify Live Stream Event

Summer Speaker Series

Campus Ministry

When all our students went home for the semester, we spent a lot of time and effort staying connected with them through a strange transition. We focused on encouraging them mentally and spiritually while away from us. As a ministry we called, texted or hand-wrote letters to 344 students, all to stay connected and apart of their lives.

Care & Counseling

COVID Relief Fund

Donations to date are:


Total Numbers of MRCC Families assisted March 11 to August 5

Total Unique families Assisted:


Rent/Mortgage assistance:










Auto related expenses:





Healthcare expenses:







bags of food and/or gift card for perishable items




“We are so blessed to have a wonderful church family in MRCC.  Many have reached out to offer comfort and support with prayers on our behalf.”
“Thank you so much for all you have done for my family, and please let those around you know we are grateful for them as well. We know the donations are from generous and hard working members of the church, and I hope they know how much it has helped relieve financial stress for my family as I searched for a new job.”
“It has meant a lot to us as we lost our source of income due to Covid-19 to know that our church family stood by us and offered to help with living expenses and other needs as we figured out our plan.  It’s sure powerful to know we’re not alone, that many others care and have shouldered this burden with us.  God’s care for us has flowed through our church family.”


The Care/Counseling ministry has been in high gear through the pandemic.  Our counseling functions have moved primarily to Telehealth.  
We started watching mental health needs change early in the pandemic.  Our team of MRCC staff and referral counselors is prepared to respond as this unusual year continues.

Counseling sessions

March 11 – August 5


Benevolence contacts due to COVID


MRCC Families

Celebrate Recovery

CR groups have been meeting online weekly on Zoom since March with the first in person meeting on a Friday this last week since the pandemic shut everything down. Step Studies that meet on Wednesdays at the building resumed meeting in late May.

Children’s Ministry


  • Summer Blast- Backyard Boxes
    • 50 boxes, potential to reach 750 children
  • Blast from the Past
  • Wednesday Online Devotionals
  • Preschool Birthday Cards
  • Drive Thru
  • Drive In Movie
  • Kids Devo at Summit
  • Visit Nursery Nana’s
  • Weekly Family Movie Night Devo guide
  • Journey Land Pen Pal with Village of Hope students

Be watching for:

  • New Project in Journey Land Stairwell
  • Back to School Surprise

All-Church Stats

Weddings to Date


Babies to Date


Baptisms to Date


General fund contributions are around 90% of budget. 

Community Outreach


meals prepared for Orvis Risner students


care packages for elderly and medical professionals


Medical Locations


Meals provided to medical professionals


masks made for OU medical


“ear savers” made for OU medical

International Ministry

Sunday morning class groups have transitioned from meeting around tables in the gym for a cup of coffee or tea and a Bible discussion. Now the table groups meet virtually on Zoom video. Most of these meetings are well attended by MRCC members. A few of our regular visitors join in. The online streaming of Sunday worship has been a real blessing.

Our Wednesday night one on one English conversation and Bible study program continues through the summer by means of virtual interaction between volunteers and international friends. We are doing our best to maintain contact and keep our relationships alive and growing. We learned of a need for volunteers to have meet virtually with interested international people in their own countries through the Let’s Start Talking ministry. A couple of us have already volunteered. We are studying with one person in Brazil and another in Ecuador. 

Christian living and ministry is dependent on relationships. I hear repeatedly how much everyone misses seeing one another. While we are trying to stay connected in the current situation, we desperately need face to face fellowship. We pray fervently for an end of being socially distant. 

Speaking of prayer, our ministry is growing. We keep a list of ongoing prayer needs and stay in contact with others by praying for them and communicating to see how God is answering. Every Thursday night, a small group meets over Zoom to pray together. This has been a tremendous encouragement to those who take part. We have shared in the sorrows of many who have suffered loss, yet we have had many wonderful answers to our petitions for others. Praise God for powerful and loving ways we see the Lord working! Even when we cannot see it or do not feel it, we know God is still working.

There are still opportunities to show love by acts of service and not put oneself at risk of contracting the virus. One volunteer spends time tutoring a young boy whose single mom would struggle to pay rent without the help of relief funds from the church. Some of our class members have donated masks, given funds, and even shared home-grown vegetables in order to help. Others have sent cards of encouragement, made phone calls, and stayed in contact through social media, because these are the ways available to express how much we truly love one another.

International students are arriving to begin the new semester at OC and UCO. We will be limited in what we are able to do to serve them and meet their needs, but we are committed to do as much as we can.

Lighthouse Ministry


patients seen total

In Matthew 25:40, we are told that “whatever you do for the least of these, you did it for me.”  With the arrival of COVID-19, we recognized quickly that we were essential caregivers in our city.  We had to reorganize how we would have clinic, but we never stopped having clinic.  Continuing to build wellness for those who can’t afford their meds, dealing with issues like high blood pressure, seizures, low or high blood sugars, as well as working with those who had wounds that were not healing.

We kept doing what we were doing by taking the clinic outside and into the parking lot.  We gowned up with full PPE and began triage patients for COVID as well as the other problems they came seeking help for.  We found out quickly that PPE heats up when in a parking lot and the Oklahoma sun is shining. If they needed a phone consult in the beginning, they were brought in one at a time.   With a very meager staff, we continued to serve those in need.   By late May, a lot of our doctors returned to the clinic and we still see patients one at a time to provide safety for them as well as us.  Of course, our populations miss catching up with one another and often they ask “when can we all return inside?” And we reply, “once 50 % of us have been vaccinated.”   


gastro patients


physical therapy visits


wound care visits on Sundays


32 Missionary Families and Programs encouraged during pandemic. Click here to see Contact Sheet.

I am so touched by the video MRCC sent.  What a wonderful surprise to be thanked and encouraged in such a personal way.  In these crazy times it is hard to know what to write about in newsletters and reports.  For MRCC to send something TO me means so much and demonstrates your love for me and confidence in the work I do.  That really lifts me and lifts my game!
Your video has been followed by personal emails from a number of MRCC members.  All of this is encouraging in a way that I can’t even explain.
With all of these recent curve balls for all of us it is wonderful to feel our connection through Christ and to know his path is always straight.
Sending my love to MRCC!
Mary Nelson – MissionBibleclass.org

Prison Ministry

The sending and receiving of lessons have stayed around 2,000 lessons each month.  This is both before and since COVID-19.

Currently, there are 31 souls waiting to be baptized at the Oklahoma County Jail.  Jerry is once again able to visit Oklahoma County Jail, but does not know when baptisms will be allowed.


We had 150+ that traveled to the mountains for Summit 2020. It was different in some ways, but we had a wonderful week full of hiking, rafting, horseback riding, a 5K, ultimate frisbee, train rides, bumper boats, mountain coaster rides, and more. We gathered each evening in a beautiful outdoor setting (socially distanced, of course!) for singing, conversation, devotional thoughts, fun games, our first ever Summit kids’ talent show, and our traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament (congratulations to our 2020 champion, Lisa Bialon!). It was a great week with family and friends old and new. Can’t wait for Summit 2022!

Worship Ministry

Like most everything else in our world today, Worship Ministry has been a challenge. Do we meet? Do we not meet? Where do we meet? Where can we meet? Indoor? Outdoor? Livestream only? So many things have changed over the past 4+ months. What hasn’t changed is our desire to do our best to offer the safest, most meaningful worship experience for our church family and for so many others watching from literally all over the world. We have learned to be flexible and creative in ways we never thought we’d need to be. That’s probably a good thing.

Here are some highlights from the past few months since the pandemic began:

  • Outdoor Worship has been blessed with reasonably nice weather. We consistently have anywhere between 500-800 in attendance. Several have stepped up to volunteer to help with setup, etc.
  • Our live streamed Worship continues to be a vital part of the Sunday worship experience. Our A/V team has done an amazing job of stepping up our livestream presentation and are offering a high quality experience for our home viewers. Our livestream service is averaging somewhere between 1,600-1,700 views each week. 
  • WOW Worship on Wednesday nights was a huge success this summer. We met 5 times in the outdoor Forum on the OC campus. It was the perfect venue for WOW. We averaged right at 400 people each week, and learned three new songs we think will become staples in our corporate worship times. 
  • Many of the worship songs from our online services from the past couple years are archived on our YouTube channel. Those are the songs you heard early on during our livestream only worship when the pandemic began. Those recordings have been a blessing to other churches from around the country which asked permission to use them for their online worship services as well. It’s very likely, that as an extension, your voice is blessing people each Sunday and you didn’t even know it.
Easter Sunday

WOW in the OC Forum

Average Attendance each Wednesday Night:


Young Adults

  • This summer the Young Adults/Campus Ministries have offered a combined Wednesday evening series on the book of James with an average of 75 people in attendance weekly.
  • Each of our young adult classes have either met in-person or online for a Sunday Bible Class. The Launch class has met on the Deck outside the summit building, the Reach class has met at Hartman Place and online via Zoom, and the Young Professionals class has met weekly on Zoom.
  • The Young Professionals class has been meeting on Sunday evenings for De-volleyball (volleyball with a devotional at the end).
  • Most of our young adult Q Groups have met weekly either in yards, parks, or on the OC campus.

Youth Ministry


  • Drive-Thru’s
  • Drive-In Movie Nights
  • Weekly Announcement Videos
  • Insta-Live
  • Zoom Hang Out, Break Out Sessions/Activities
  • Zoom Family Dinner Meeting
  • Youth Group on YouTube
  • Zoom Huddles
  • Zoom DGroups
  • Quarantine Playlist created by the youth group
  • Sold Honduras shirts to support Breaking Chains
  • Sold Camp shirts to support Camp Pettijohn
  • Youth Group By Grades-Summer Schedule-Each grade functioned as it’s own youth group this summer to keep numbers to a minimum.
  • Tailgate
  • Jr. High Adventure Week-Top Golf & Zoo
  • Sr. High Camp 2.0
  • Jr. High Camp 2.0

Junior High

  • Sunday– Devo Time 
  • Monday – Mail Time Monday 
  • Tuesday – Teaching Tuesday
  • Wednesday – Wildcard Wednesday 
  • Thursday – Together Thursday 
  • Friday – Family Friday
  • Saturday – Saturday Sabbath 

Senior High

  • Sunday– House2House 
  • Monday – Mission Monday 
  • Tuesday – Taco Tuesday
  • Wednesday – Wildcard Wednesday 
  • Thursday – Thursday Adventure 
  • Friday – Family Friday
  • Saturday – Saturday Sabbath