The Power of No

September 16, 2018

Rest Rehearsal

September 9, 2018
This message is based in Hebrews 4, one of the three key New Testament teachings about Sabbath (with the other two being the Sabbath controversies in the gospels, and Paul’s…

Restoring Sabbath

September 2, 2018
In this second lesson of the series, Phil looked at Sabbath practices in the New Testament--mainly the Sabbath controversy stories in the gospels--and explained why these stories have often given…

Beneath Busy

August 26, 2018
In this first lesson of the series, Phil looked at Jesus’ interaction with a cripple from John 5 and explained that Jesus first had to fix the problem underneath the…
Phil focused on one of Jesus’ statements in the Sermon on the Mount about how disciples should greet others.  Jesus calls on his followers to be different from the rest…

Our guest speaker for this lesson was Seth McDowell. His main scripture text was from Mark 4, the parable of the sower.
In this Missions Sunday lesson, Phil preached a sermon highlighting two of the byproducts of missions: Unity and Celebration.
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