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Missions Sunday 2021 was an amazing testimony to God moving in his people to accomplish mighty things. This church answered the call and gave its largest sum in Missions Sunday history, $833,450. The elders and missions committee have have been prayerfully allocating the overage to bless additional ministries and works. For a list of how the overage is blessing others, click HERE.

Kenya – Mombasa salaries

Memorial Road supports 19 individuals working with Churches of Christ in Mombasa — from full-time evangelists to teachers to security guards. The amount represented touches all aspects of the ongoing outreach efforts within the church of Mombasa.

Kenya – Mombasa Reviving Missions

This project was initiated by the congregations in Mombasa, working together, to create a strategy for expanding evangelical outreach through Kenya by the congregations in Mombasa. The plan has moved into a phase of the adoption of oversight of an existing health clinic in an area several hours outside Mombasa.

Kenya – Nairobi Great Commission School

NGCS is a ministry training school for all of East Africa. Many of the students reside on the campus during the school year. It is also the umbrella organization for Extension Centers (such as in Mombasa) that provides distance learning and vocational education to accompany the spiritual training. Among the most important programs has become agricultural training for church leaders to provide food on the grounds of the church buildings.

Tanzania – Neema Village support

Neema Village Tanzania, Inc, is a non-profit in the USA and a NGO in Tanzania and is affiliated with Churches of Christ with many connections to Memorial Road.  Neema in Swahili means Grace and any good done has been done by the Abundant Grace of God! Neema Village began as “Neema House” in 2012 as a rescue center for abandoned, orphaned, and at-risk babies in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. During that time, more than two hundred thirty babies have been rescued, many abandoned babies have now been adopted and others who had lost their mothers during the birth were saved and have now been able to return home to an extended family member. We love the idea of “Families not Orphanages.”

India – Mani Pagidipalli work support

Mani is a physician and evangelist who has created a ministry in India that provides direct medical and dental care to those in need, evangelism training for those wishing to become preachers and teachers and television ministry to help reach millions of Indians who tune in each week. This support helps with direct care medical needs for surgeries in the clinics.

New Zealand – Justin & Jennifer Cherry family support

Memorial Road became the overseeing congregation for the Cherry family in 2019. They have been working as missionaries in an Auckland church plant for nearly 10 years. This congregation is at a literal world crossroad as immigrants from throughout the Pacific Rim are working in the country and then going back to their homeland.

South Pacific Bible College

Memorial Road supports the South Pacific Bible College and its mission to transform lives through the inspiration of Scripture, to multiply followers of Christ in the world.  Located in Tauranga, New Zealand, SPBC has become a hub for spreading the good news of Christ throughout the entire Pacific Rim. SPBC offers courses, certificate programs, and degrees in Chaplaincy, Christian Leadership, Christian Studies, and Biblical Studies.   Graduates go out to use what they have learned to grow and serve God’s Kingdom in churches and mission fields around the world!

Croatia – Mislav Ilic support

Memorial Road supports the work of Croatian evangelist Mislav Ilić and his wife, Snezjana, a couple selected by Croatian church leader Mladen Jovanovic to take on the task of ministry for Churches of Christ in this Central European nation.

Eastern European Missions support

EEM is a nonprofit, associated with Churches of Christ across Central and Eastern Europe. The ministry prints Bibles and Bible-based textbooks and materials — in languages including Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, and many more — and gives them to schools and individuals across the region. Recently, the ministry began supplying Bibles in Farsi and Arabic for the flood of refugees pouring into Europe due to conflicts in the Middle East.

Vienna Kruezung Outreach Support

Kreuzung Connect is an outreach initiative conceived and led by our Vienna mission team. It seeks to create contacts and establish a relationship between people in Vienna and the larger Christian community in Vienna, particularly our mission church, Donau Gemeinde Christi. Utilizing social media, Kruezung Connect is already having immense success in inviting people to virtual and in-person events, fostering the development of meaningful relationships with Donau Gemeinde members. This, in turn, will offer opportunities to share the gospel message. Our support will allow the Viennese volunteer who is already leading the project to devote the amount of time and energy needed to take this promising evangelistic effort to the next level.

Brazil – Mel Latorre’s Timothy Project

Mel Latorre recruits soon-to-retire professionals in Brazil to serve part-time for a Brazilian church while they train for ministry. Upon retirement, the Brazilian government pays these ministers at a higher rate because of their service with a church. This allows the men to work full-time for a church without ongoing financial support from the church. This item helps to fund his work with multiple trainees across Brazil.

Brazil – Niteroi congregation support

Memorial Road has helped support this work in Niteroi, Brazil, a metropolitan city near Rio de Janeiro for many years. From sending team members, to supporting through work funds and now, as North American missionaries are returning and leaving a functioning congregation, this support assists during this time of transition.

Cuba – Mission team support

Salary support for the two family mission team overseen by Memorial Road. These families are having a significant impact in their community in Cuba and continue to be a source of good news through their work.

Guatemala – Health Talents clinic & salary

Funds from Missions Sunday help support a full-time Guatemalan dentist who works with Health Talents International, a medical mission associated with Churches of Christ, in the mountain villages of this Central American nation. Funds also assist with the costs of medical clinics while Memorial Road members are in the country providing care. Additionally, funds help defray trip expenses for Christians working on campaigns with Health Talents.

Honduras – Baxter Institute scholarships for students

Memorial Road serves as the sponsoring congregation for the Baxter Institute, a ministry training school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, that prepares men and women for ministry across the Spanish-speaking world. Among the school’s students are ministers and wives from the island nation of Cuba. Memorial Road supports these students, and those of other Spanish-speaking nations, as they study and prepare to return to plant churches and spread the Gospel.

Lighthouse Medical Clinic – Pharmacy support

Funds help the Lighthouse Medical Clinic — an outreach of the Capitol Hill Church of Christ in downtown Oklahoma City — to provide life-saving medicines for people in need.

South Walker Church of Christ Hispanic work

Several years ago, this Oklahoma City congregation began asking how to better minister to a community that was dramatically changing around it. The answer has been a significant shift of outreach through 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanic Christians. Our role has been to assist with support as these evangelists begin working with the congregation and will continue for a set period of time.

Helpers In Missions (HIM) Program

Memorial Road sponsors a two-year mission apprenticeship for young Christians. In past years, participants have traveled around the globe to serve alongside veteran missionaries, learning how to serve. Several have become missionaries or church leaders. Funds support current, in-the-field workers who serve Churches of Christ throughout the world. Funds also support Kent Hartman and Mel Latorre Jr in administrative roles in this ministry.

Mary Nelson – Missions Bible Class support

Mary Nelson, a missionary in New Zealand, has developed a website,, that offers free, easy-to-use and easy-to-reproduce Bible lessons for missionaries and church members in nations around the world. The lessons are designed to be used anywhere — including developing nations where traditional Bible class material can be scarce.

Special Requests

Funds provide limited assistance for mission projects outside the scope or timing of the regular Missions Sunday contribution. Those with a special request provide information to a committee that determines the request’s connectivity to Memorial Road, member involvement, personal investment, and other factors.

World Bible School support

Funds assist World Bible School, a Texas-based ministry associated with Churches of Christ that sends faith-based correspondence courses to students around the globe — via postal mail and, increasingly, the Internet. Christians across the U.S., including Memorial Road members, grade lessons and correspond with students. WBS has resulted in tens of thousands of baptisms and the establishment of new Churches of Christ worldwide — especially in Africa.

InterMission/Third Culture Kids/Missionary Care

Missionary care is a core value of our mission efforts and the TCK program, created by MRCC families, is one of the most notable among churches of Christ. Focusing on young people who were raised primarily outside of the parents’ culture and who are coming back into the US for school, jobs, or to live (1st culture- that of the parent or home of origin, 2nd culture- that in which they have lived a large portion of their lives, 3rd culture- the US, where they are usually seen as “Americans returning home” but who have lived their lives outside of that culture). For many participants, TCK programs are, literally, lifesaving.

Administrative Funds