Hey there, Memorial Road!

We want your help with a project this week, so please read!

Normally, at this time of the year, we are highly focused on our many missionaries and missions programs as we gear up for another Missions Sunday special contribution. As you may have noticed, though, this is not a normal year. With everything that has been happening in recent months, we previously decided and announced that we have moved this year’s Missions Sunday to September 27.

So we want you to circle that date on your calendars and be praying for God to bless that day. At the same time, we want our missionaries and missions partners to know that we are thinking about them right now as well. 

Here are three things you and your friends & families can do this week:


  • Pray.

Spend time this week praying for our missionary families, for the various missions programs we partner with, for the people and places that they are reaching around the world. CLICK HERE for a roster of names and faces to pray over.

  • Write.

That same roster has email addresses as well as many physical addresses. Take some time this week to send an encouraging note, letter, or package to any or all of our missionaries and missions partners. If you need the church to help with postage, just let me know – we’re happy to.

  • Record.

I want to get as many short video clips this week as I can of you and/or your families & friends sending words of encouragement and love to our missionaries and missions partners. It’s simple: “To all of our missionaries out there, we here at Memorial Road love you and are praying for you. Thank you for what you do!” Something like that.

  1. Record as many short, simple clips as you like (you, the whole family, your kids, your friend group – all of the above!). 5 to 20 seconds per clip would be great, but send as many as you want. Let’s put a ton of faces in this video compilation.
  2. It would be neat if you recorded some simple phrases in a different language or two. CLICK HERE to see and hear two short phrases translated into five different languages representing our various mission fields. Do as many as you like!
  3. Get your clips to Andrew Poteet by uploading them TO THIS FOLDER by this Wednesday, July 8.
  4. If you have any questions or have problems sending files, email me or Andrew (poteet.andrew@gmail.com).

I hope you’ll do all three of these things this week as we send love and encouragement to our extended church family.