Andy Lashley

Involvement and Communications Minister


Andy grew up at Memorial Road.  He is so grateful for the opportunity to serve his home church on a full-time basis.  And if that wasn’t enough, he greatly overachieved in marrying his wife, Summer, in 1999.  They have two kids – Mia and Bode – who are too much fun.

After studying marketing at Oklahoma Christian University and Southern Methodist University, Andy worked in the business world for a couple of years.  In 2004, when God opened an unexpected door at Memorial Road, Andy walked through and hasn’t looked back. 

In addition to spending time with his family, Andy loves reading, movies, traveling and anything related to any kind of sport.  He and Summer love God and love watching him work through His people at Memorial Road.


Involvement and Communications Minister
Young Adults, Community Outreach, Involvement & Church Growth


Involvement and Communications Minister
Care & Counseling Ministry Director
and Website Editor
Graphic Designer & Communications Support