Marty Karguth

Young Adults, Community Outreach, Involvement & Church Growth


Marty and her husband Don attended memorial Road as a college students at OC and has been here ever since.  In that time, they have increased the membership by 2; their daughter Kelly, who is a student at OC, and their son Nathan, who is a student at EMHS. She began work at MRCC in October of 2013.  She has always loved her church home and is thrilled with the opportunity to be part of the staff.

Marty loves spending time with her family and friends, collecting Fiesta dishes, playing Ukulele, crafting, sewing, watching her children and nieces & nephews various performances, and traveling.  Besides working at MRCC, she works at Ruthanne Moore’s home day care as well as running her puppet business, Tykes Puppets.

You will find Marty in the Friends and Family bible class.  She is part of the Involvement Team.  She is easily convinced to teach bible class, especially when there is a good craft project involved.  She knows a lot of who she is now is because of that GREAT choice in college to attend MRCC!