Kurtis Dobbs

Junior High Youth and Family Minister


Kurtis Dobbs is our Jr. High Youth & Family Minister. Kurtis has been married to his best friend Carla for 5 years. They enjoy playing board games, video games, playing with their dog June, watching movies and just being around one another.   Kurtis and his wife Carla have been in Youth Ministry since 2008.   Kurtis holds a degree in Youth Ministry from Oklahoma Christian University  where he graduated in 2008.  Carla works at Angels Foster Care and is a very active part of our youth ministry leading small groups, and going on many trips.

Jr. High Ministry is natural for Kurtis because he’s basically still a Jr. high kid himself. He loves playing with toys (just go in his office and you’ll understand), reading comics and talking about very important stuff like high scores on the newest apps. On a more serious note Kurtis loves building relationships with kids and showing them God’s love. When he is not busy with youth ministry Kurtis enjoys riding dirt bikes, mountain bikes, playing basketball and being outside in God’s creation. He one day hopes to become the oldest active youth minister to have ever lived. 

Interesting Fact about Kurtis: He has been skydiving and he loves sour patch kids.

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