Phil Brookman

Pulpit Minister


If Sunday morning church service is your favorite time to take a nap, then Phil Brookman is not your preacher. But if you want to be challenged and encouraged to become more and more like Jesus so you can make a difference in this world, then you might have found your guy. Drawing from his deep passion for God’s word and his love for creative teaching, Phil delivers heart-felt, deeply biblical lessons that make the church think.

Phil is like other preachers in some ways: He married way over his head (married Mary Brookman in 2005), has two beautiful children (Anna, born 2009, and Heidi, born 2011), got a masters degree in Bible (2009), and has lots of books in his office (to make you think he’s smart). And Phil is very different from preachers in other ways: He’d rather play ping pong than golf, doesn’t know much Greek (despite taking the class in college), and doesn’t drink much coffee. He’d love to meet you, so come join us this Sunday!

Pulpit Ministry Support Staff

Worship & Missions Ministries, Special Projects
Administrative Assistant, Building Scheduling