Weekly Youth Announcements

                YOUTH ANNOUNCEMENTS                
                CIMARRON SHUTTLE: 6th-8th Wednesdays; meet the church van at the Pepperdine cul-de-sac for a ride to hangout.
                PICK ME UP: 6th-8th  Jan. 17 (OCA) and Jan. 24 (HOMESCHOOL-meet at the lounge to go for a snack). Look for the church van in the school parking lot to get a snack and come to hangout.
                WEDNESDAY HANOUT & DINNER : Hangout begins at 2:30. Jan. 17 (Lasagna)  and Jan. 24 (Frito Chili Pies) dinner at 5:30 pm. Cost $3 per person. 
                SENIOR LUNCH:  Jan. 18 (Qdoba) and Jan. 25 (PDQ).  
                HUDDLES: Wednesday, Jan. 17; 7th & 8th meet at the Summit at 7 pm. Sr. High meet at 6:30-8:00 in assigned homes.

                WINTERFEST: Jan. 12-14 (9th-12th grades) Cost $130 per person. Vans will leave promptly at 12:30 Friday and return around 3-4 om Sunday. Bring money for 3 travel meals and spending money at the mall and vendors. REGISTER HER FOR WINTERFEST BALANCE PAYMENTS
                CHRISTEENS: Feb. 23-25. Russelville, Arkansas. (7th-8th grades). Cost $150 per person. $75 deposit due Jan. 7. Contact kurtis.dobbs@mrcc.org for more info. REGISTER HERE FOR CHRISTEENS
                HONDURAS MISSION TRIP: June 1-8 for Juniors and Seniors. $250 payment due Jan. 21.  REGISTER HERE FOR HONDURAS PAYMENTS

                : Feb. 4. Annual flag football for Youth (7th-12th grades) vs. Adults
                • GUEST TAB ON THE ROAD APP: Please notice that on our Youth app, there is a place for guests to register. We follow up with them and they receive a free T-shirt. So anytime you bring a friend, be sure to have them access it and we will contact them.