Spring Wednesdays

Join us on Wednesdays this spring for one of the engaging studies offered this quarter.  Here are the classes and groups we are offering:

Spring Classes for All (March 7 - May 30)

Unlocking Revelation

Stafford North | A117-118

This is a course on the Book of Revelation and topics relating to Last Things. The first half of the course focuses on a chapter-by-chapter study of Revelation, presented in a plain way anyone can easily follow. The last half of the course deals with topics such as “What is The Kingdom of God?”; “Are There Signs of the End?”; “Does the Bible Teach a Rapture?”; “What About Antichrists?”; and “Will There Be a Thousand-Year Reign on Earth?”

Reading the Bible Responsibly

Josh Kingcade | A105-106

In many ways, the gospel is a simple message that any one can understand. But sometimes reading the Bible is just hard. How do we “correctly handle the word of truth”? (2 Tim 2:15). This class will give some guidelines and strategies for reading the Bible that honor its original context and make healthy application to our context. Each week will be mostly independent of the others, so feel free to attend a class session even if you can’t make the whole series.

Spiritual Disciplines

Various Teachers | A115-116

The Young Professionals class wants to be intentional about developing relationships with MRCC members outside our class, so we're inviting adults from all ages to join us for an intergenerational class. The class will be based on Richard Foster's book Celebration of Discipline, studying a different discipline each week.

Boundaries with Kids

Tom & Gina Clay, David & Kelli Kenyon | A119

This video series by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend addresses the critical issues involved in learning when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to help your children gain control of their lives. For anyone in a parenting or teaching role, helping children learn responsibility is a key issue. From temper tantrums and attitude problems, to drugs and sex, learning limits and becoming responsible is a major part of growing up.

Launch (For Young Adults)

Trevor Richt | A109

A study from the book Jonah about how running from God’s calling is often much easier and simpler than going to Nineveh.

For Women

Come As You Are

Mary Ann Rosenbalm | A120

Join us to watch the Gideon: Your Weakness, God's Strength videos for the first seven weeks and the Daniel: Lives of Integrity videos for the last six weeks. No registration, homework, or study guide purchase required.

Discerning the Voice of God (Revised and Expanded) (Small Group)

Robin Waugh | A122

Learn to more deeply understand the Holy Spirit's role in your life; differentiate its voice from imposters' voices (even your own); glimpse its guidance in your everyday life; and grow consistently in obedience, surrender, stillness, and humility. Homework of about 30 minutes/day, 5 days/week alternates with Priscilla Shirer videos every other week. Study guide is $13. Pre-register here or at Ministry Central.

Twelve Women of the Bible: Life-Changing Stories for Women Today (Small Group)

Danielle Little | A121

Learn practical lessons for our lives today from the triumphs and failures of 12 women of the Bible. Each class includes a 20-minute video from six different teachers, followed by discussion. Homework is primarily journaling and a bit of reading. Study guide is $8. Pre-register here or at Ministry Central.

Ongoing Classes

Western Christians in Global Missions

John Wilguess | A101

Do you see yourself as a missionary? How do you prepare? What should you say? Where do you turn? This interactive class will feature discussions with missionaries from throughout the world, assigned readings from the book Western Christians In Global Missions, and participation of class members to find ways to better serve those around us in the name of Jesus.


Clay Hart | Fellowship Central

This class is designed for one on one or small group conversations centered on discussion of short texts from a simplified English translation of the Bible. Internationals are paired with native English speakers in order to improve language skills, share their stories, and develop friendship while talking about God, culture, and life.

Earlybird (5:15-6:00)

Loren Gieger | A105-106

This class is for those who would like to attend a class at an earlier time. You will feel welcome in this class that spans all ages and life situations.

Care/Support Groups

Foster/Adoptive Families

Kari Laxson | A103-104

This new offering addresses the needs of our continually growing foster and adoptive community. We are going through a study called “Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care.” Each week will feature a video, discussion, and break-out groups according to your family’s situation and needs.