Oakdale Church Plant

Memorial Road has been actively engaged in spreading the Gospel in many ways in its 45 year history. A new chapter in that story is the planting of a congregation in the Oakdale community. This chapter began with Memorial Road members who were living in the Oakdale community and saw the need and potential for a congregation there. After some exploration of the idea and elder approval specific planning and recruiting of members to participate in the Oakdale plant began in earnest. The timeline below lists key steps or events along the way to the planting of the congregation.

Fall, 2008 - Proposal made to the MRCC elders to plant a congregation in Oakdale.

Spring 2009 MRCC elder approval , Elders and ministry director appointed to work with the Oakdale planning group.

Summer, 2009 - Early planning and recruiting of church plant participants.

March, 2010 Oakdale group began worshipping as a separate congregation in MRCC building

September 2010 -Darrel Sears and family begin work with Oakdale congregation.

October 3, 2010- Joint worship with Memorial Road and Oakdale congregations as a sendoff to the Oakdale community.

October 10, 2010 - Oakdale congregation begins worship in Oakdale.

Visit the Oakdale Church of Christ website for current information.