Child Security System

Thanks to our children’s education ministry team, we continue to make great strides in all areas of our children’s ministry. In the past few years, we have taken steps to ensure added safety and security for our kids while they are in class, Bible hour, and other activities. All children’s ministry volunteers submit to a background check, and all children are electronically checked in and out of class.

As we have grown, our security system is in need of some helpful updates that will make everyone’s experience more user-friendly and secure, including adding the Journey Land kids to the security system. We are adding a new security system that will be a blessing for our members, as well as guests from the community who are understandably apprehensive about leaving their kids in the care of strangers.

With this new system, all families with children will receive a durable check in card (similar to a credit card) and two key tags. The check-in procedure features a touch screen, where we can also register guests in order to more easily invite them back. To help us better care for our kids, the system will automatically track attendance, providing a more accurate and secure headcount. Finally, teachers and volunteers will be wearing name tags, not just the children.

We ask that all families complete a  MRCC KidSafe Child Information Form  so we can update your information and prepare you new card.

You can return this form to the church office or any of the children’s department check-in areas. Thank you for your cooperation in our efforts to make our children’s classes as safe and secure as possible.

-Josh Kingcade