Mombasa Missions

Summary of the Mombasa Work

November, 2014

In February of 1987 the Lord's church was planted in the port city of Mombasa, Kenya through World Bible School follow-up.  In September 1990 Ken and Pat Beckloff moved to Mombasa with another missionary couple to work full time with that young church.  At that time there were about 15 faithful Christians meeting each Sunday.  From that beginning the church in Mombasa has grown to 14 urban congregations and many more in rural areas around Mombasa.  Mombasa evangelists established most of these congregations on their own.  The work in Mombasa is now expanding rapidly, impacting churches from the Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria.

From the beginning the work in Mombasa has had three areas of focus

  • Evangelism:  campaign teams, WBS, individual teaching
  • Local church planting and development 
  • Leadership Training through Mombasa Educational Institute where Christians are trained in Bible and Ministry

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