Men’s Mission Trip Recap

On Sept. 20, a group of men from MRCC traveled to Albuquerque,
NM, to work at Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home. Almost half
of our group was making this trip for the first time. We have been
helping ACCH out for many years, first with trips by our youth group.
Now, our men have made their third trip to serve there.
Thirteen men in all worked on projects that ACCH had designated
for us. We built a patio cover for one of the three cottages to provide
a shady gathering spot. We also hand dug trenches for a sprinkler
system for the backyard of a second cottage. We realized while
digging that it had been awhile since we used picks and shovels, that
one foot deep in the ground is much deeper than it seems, and that
a normal shovel can actually penetrate into a buried natural gas line!
After the excitement died down and the utility company replaced
the perforated pipe, the sprinkler system was installed. The dirt was
leveled, the metal border was installed around the yard, and the sod
was laid down to create a new yard for the kids. On our final day, we
stepped up as experienced dads (and granddads) and put together a
large swingset for the kids.
It was a blessing for us to serve alongside those who serve at the
children’s home every day. Knowing how much use the children will
get from the covered patio, the grass in the backyard, and the new
swingset made our hot and dry days easier. A big thanks to our trip
organizer and leader, John Kerley. John made certain we had enough
work, too much good food, and great fellowship. As we returned
home on Sept. 25, we were already looking forward to making the trip
again next year. We would love for you to come with us!

- Jamie Scott