Journey Land (grades 1-5)

Journey Land is a kid-friendly, Christ-centered Bible class program that celebrates children’s learning styles by teaching biblical themes in 6-week rotations and focusing on a different aspect of the Bible story each week. This approach combines Bible skills and storytelling with other ways kids love to learn.
The teachers in Journey Land choose an area that compliments his or her interests or teaching style. These workshops include creatively telling the lesson in the Storytelling Workshop, helping children learn memory verses in a workshop full of interactive games and activities, or in a workshop filled with scriptures set to songs. Also, the Geography Workshop introduces children to the “Holy Lands” by utilizing maps, time lines and the culture of the day.

The Theater/Media Workshops give children a chance to step into the shoes of Bible characters by re-enacting the stories. They take a walk through scriptures in a Computer Workshop with programs designed by Memorial Road members. The Art & Science Workshop allows children to create projects or experiments designed to reinforce biblical principles.

Another benefit of Journey Land is the relationships our children form with the “Journeymen”. These adults nurture their small group of students as they rotate among the workshops together and give the teachers an extra hand with activities.

Our Journey Land Bible Class Curriculum is available for purchase

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