Baxter Foundation

The Baxter Foundation is an non-profit organization in the United States set up to provide support to the Baxter Institute and the Baxter Clinic.

Formerly known as the Amicus Association, the Baxter Foundation is headed by the Board of Directors and meets regularly each year to provide prayerful direction and financial support for all of the work at Baxter–at the Institute, in the Clinic, and out in the mission field.


A U.S. recognized 501(c)(3) charity, Baxter Foundation serves as the conduit for legally and responsibly transferring funding from the United States to Baxter in Honduras.

Treasury and tax laws in the United States and in Honduras can be tricky, and the Baxter Foundation provides a direct and trustworthy connection between fundraising efforts in the US and the “boots on the ground” mission work at Baxter in Honduras.

Use this link to Baxter’s website to donate.