2017 Campus Student Adoption

We know that connection into community is important. As we welcome all our old and new college students to OC this fall, please consider helping them feel at home in our area by adopting one or two or ten!  They will love having a chance to get away from campus for an occasional meal, perhaps a chance to do laundry but most of all to just connect to families in our area who will encourage them.

We are asking teams of about 3 families to team up together to adopt a small group of students.  You will be matched with  a small group of students and get to meet them shortly after classes resume.  Then the team of adoptive families can plan times to get together all as a group, sharing the planning and sharing the fun.

Simply complete the form below and we will match your team of families with a group of students shortly after school resumes this fall.

2017 Campus Adoption Volunteers

For more information, contact: jay.mack@mrcc.org, Hudson.hutchinson@mrcc.org or Debbie.carter@mrcc.org