The word itself conveys size, scale, scope. It pushes us to dream. To wonder. To stretch ourselves. And no matter how big those visions get, God is bigger. He stretches far beyond. He does infinitely more.

As we move toward 2020 and what lies beyond, let’s imagine together what could be done by a church that is free of its debt. Could we feed more? Could we plant more? Could we tell more people about this God that does more for us than we can possibly grasp?

The Imagine drive will span three years, 2018 through 2020. Through the pledges and gifts of Memorial Road members, we will seek to eliminate or greatly reduce the church’s current debt, freeing up considerable resources to do more ministry. We are setting three goals before the church, each more ambitious than the last.

The Celebration Goal - $1,500,000

The Victory Goal - $2,500,000

The Faith Goal - $4,500,000

The formula is simple: more money raised during the Imagine campaign means more money available to do ministry in our town, in our world, and in our church. Learn more about some of the dreams we have by downloading the information below. 

Imagine Dreams Imagine Dreams

How To Give:

We hope you are excited about the prospect of reducing or eliminating our debt to make an even greater impact on our neighbors and our church family. You can utilize our online giving option for one-time or recurring gifts. For more information on pledging, giving and tracking your funds, download the packet below. 

Imagine Giving Imagine Giving

Less Debt. More Ministry.