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We have many great classes and seminars we offer to our members and to the community. Some of them are archived here for you to view and listen to online. Many items are Wednesday night classes, and others are from special seminars. We hope these are a help to you.

Kingdom Disciples: An Overview of Matthew's Gospel

What did Matthew think it would take to be an authentic disciple of Jesus? This series takes a broad overview of how Matthew composed his Gospel, how he presented Jesus, and the Gospel’s major themes. We discover what it means to be genuine disciples who are obedient to God’s true Son, Jesus Christ.

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Unlocking Revelation

Unlocking Revelation is a thirteen-week course on the Book of Revelation and topics relating to Last Things. Stafford North, who will teach the course, has been teaching on this topic since 1975 and has delivered this series more than 250 times throughout the United States and in many other countries. He also has published books and articles on the topic. The first half of the course focuses on a chapter-by-chapter study of Revelation, presented in a plain way anyone can easily follow. The last half of the course deals with topics such as “What is The Kingdom of God?”; “Are There Signs of the End?”; “Does the Bible Teach a Rapture?”; “What About Antichrists?”; and “Will There Be a Thousand-Year Reign on Earth?” The series begins on March 6, 7 p.m., at the Memorial Road Church of Christ.

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Courageous Truthtellers: The Prophets

Josh Kingcade leads this study of the minor prophets.

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A Matter of Life & Death

This class invites learners to formulate their own views on life, death, violence, warfare, and similar topics through a measured study of Scripture and church history. Learners will form their own views on if/when the Bible permits Christians to engage in violence as a means of justice and/or defense.

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