First Serve

Travis Akins - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Young Adults Ministry has launched a new ministry geared towards involving young adults in existing ministries. It's First Serve and we have close to 400 opportunities for our 20s & 30s to serve one time with no strings attached.

First Serve is a Billy Hybels product (at least I learned of the concept from him in his book "The Volunteer Revolution"). Here, Hybels suggests a shift in our thinking of how we learn and engage with ministries.

"So here's what we recommend to potential volunteers these days. Embrace wholeheartedly your fundamental identity as a servant of Jesus Christ. Use whatever understanding you have on your personality, passions, areas of interests, talents and preferences to guide you in a general serving direction. Look at the needs in your church and community. Then jump in with a willing heart and an open mind. Drape the servant's towel over your arm and get busy." (The Volunteer Revolution pg.71)

You, like me, have had difficulties at times, or maybe all the time discovering and finding an area of service for the Kingdom of God that is fitting, passion driven or meaningful. First Serve is a jump in ministry. A test drive ministry. A dive in and learn as you go ministry. My hopes with First Serve is to allow our young adults the opportunity to experiment. To test. To try. To simply jump in and learn about the numerous ministries we have at Memorial Road through actual service.

I hope we embrace our identities in Christ to be servants of Christ today. I also hope we don't allow the options or the fears of commitment or the uncertainty of what we may be or what we may actually be getting into to hinder our identity as serving children of God.

Here is a great Hybels' illustration: "imagine having to sign a three-month lease on a car you are considering buying, versus having the freedom to take it on a forty-five minute test drive." First Serve is the test drive. The opportunity to simply see what this ministry is doing and how you might possibly fit in. The best way to know what something is about is to experience it yourself with no fear. First Serve opens the door and allows you to potentially see yourself there more or never again.

So, I pray our young adults will take full advantage of these one time, no strings attached service opportunities. There are many of them! We've worked with many of our MRCC ministries to provide some First Serve opportunities. You may jump in and discover this ministry needs you and you can be a huge asset to their work. You may also discover that there is no way you could be doing this ever again. Both are good things!

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