Stevie Goes to Ghana

Sarah Graham - Monday, March 11, 2013
Ghana has become a growing part of our missions focus over the past few years.  Stevie White went on the most recent Ghana trip a few weeks ago and sent us the following post.

I was sitting on the plane to Ghana for the second time, but was filled with the same emotions as the first-excitement and nervousness. This time around, my trip was shorter and our group was smaller than the previous May trip I went on with the college group.  We were a group of ten with many things God had placed on our heart to accomplish in Africa.  One of the goals I wanted to focus on was showing God’s love through a medical clinic.  On one particular day, we had set up clinic at a village called Ayikai Doblo in an empty schoolroom.  Our group canvased the small area and we had many people show up for the clinic. The best part was that as I looked around the schoolyard everyone in our group was actively engaged in making a difference in the lives of the village.  There were games going on with the kids, singing, dancing, laughing, talking, nutritional advice, well-fixing and loving on others all in the name of the LORD.  While we may have been there for a clinic, it was evident that God was acting through every facet of our group in more ways than just the clinic.

My Book:Ghana pics 2013:2013_01_25:IMG_2743.JPG

Rae Boswell giving one of the children in Ayikai Doblo manna, which helps to correct malnutrition. It is similar to a thick peanut butter and full of basic nutritional needs.

My Book:Ghana pics 2013:2013_01_26:IMG_2989.JPG

A different form of jump rope that the kids play.  Also, this is the roof that Heartbeat for Hope is helping to build for the congregation there.

My Book:Ghana pics 2013:2013_01_26:IMG_3023.JPG

The kids at Ayikai Doblo running to meet Caleb Holsey to help carry well building supplies.

Another sweet memory is one that happened right as we arrived at the Village of Hope. We were on a large school bus and drove through the gates to the back part where we were staying. As we drove through, many of the children saw us and ran to the bus to greet us. It was close to their bedtime but they remained waiting for us.

Their sweet smiles and cheers illuminated the night. We were all greeted with hugs and genuine excitement before we could even exit the bus.
  It couldn’t have been a more perfect welcome.

 My Book:Ghana pics 2013:2013_01_28:IMG_3727.JPG

Stevie White and friends on the way home from school.


My Book:Ghana pics 2013:2013_01_30:IMG_4349.JPG

A class of second graders showing the lion masks they created during an Art Camp put on by Judi Lashley and her sister, Lesa Branch, at the Village of Hope.

My Book:Ghana pics 2013:2013_01_30:IMG_4309.JPG

Jeff McMillon and several friends from the Village of Hope that Heartbeat 4 Hope helps to support.

-Stevie White


Cheryl Rocks.

Andy Lashley - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Care to be simultaneously inspired and challenged today? Consider this: tomorrow (Jan. 17), Cheryl Bode is up and moving to Africa to be a full-time missionary. Also consider that Cheryl has a great American life here.  Wonderful family, great nursing career, lots of friends, you know…the works. But three or so years ago, Cheryl decided that the tug she felt pulling on her heart was too great to ignore. She dropped everything and went to Ghana, where she worked for about a year, helping to start a medical clinic and doing immeasurable good in the name of Jesus. Now, she’s at it again, this time headed for Tanzania’s Chimala mission.

As for the specifics of what Cheryl will be doing and to hear her stories from the field, you’ll want to check out her blog at 

Cheryl’s is the kind of a story that does more than just prompt us to be praying for her and the work in Chimala, although she very much covets those prayers. For her to leave the comforts of here in the prime of life is the kind of eye-opening decision that forces me to think unsettling thoughts about what I’m doing with my time and talents to serve God. Maybe you experience the same reaction. That’s a good thing.

Thank you, Cheryl, for what you’re doing. You will bless people and grow God’s kingdom directly – that’s for certain. But your example will also provoke action from others who may have needed that extra push to walk through a door that God has opened. We love you!