He Couldn't See

Travis Akins - Friday, January 02, 2015

He couldn't see. He desperately wanted to see and to experience everything that was going on in the middle of that crowd. But he couldn't.

He tried. He even got on the tippy tops of his toes. Too short. He asked others to move over so he could peak through. No one even bothered replying. He even tried to push his way through the loud and boisterous group that had formed. No one was letting him in.

He had a choice. He could give up or he could make it happen. He could get creative and find a way to see. So, he chose to find a way. He knew this path. He knew that only a hundred yards or so down the way was a lone tree. A high enough perch to get up on and finally see. So he ran. He ran fast ahead of the crowd to make his claim on the tree. He beat them all and when he got there he was 12 all over again. He didn't care he was a dignified man. A man of stature and wealth and great respect. He wanted to be up there, and without thinking he climbed. He was there. Higher than everyone else and ready to see. To see him.

He could hear the crowd sounds growing closer and louder. He could see the group slowly making it's way toward him. He perked up and began to look intently on the happenings, eyeing the middle of this group. The mutter became a roar and then it happened. He saw him.

He'd heard so much. He had over heard story after story. People claiming to have met him, hear him teach. People who said their lives were changed by him. He claimed to be the way and the truth. Honestly he was just curious. This man had caused such a stir, he wanted to see what it was all about. He had no idea what he would get, but curiosity took over. And then he saw him.

From his high place above the crowds, who wouldn't let him in, he saw. And more than that, HE saw him. He came over to him and wanted to talk with him. He knew the crowd was talking, but he was excited, nervous and renewed. His curiosity put him in a place he never knew existed. His eyes saw from the tree and the eyes of his heart were opened up for the first time. This man, in a moment changed everything. Life was not about the money, the stature, the power, the respect. Life was something more. Here couldn't quite articulate what it was, but he knew it was different and not his own.

"Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount."

Now he could see.

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