Great Things Happening in Brazil

Andy Lashley - Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This past Sunday we got to visit with Brent & Jill Nichols, members of a great young team of missionaries doing work in Niteroi, Brazil. When you think about the kind of people you want out there in the world representing Christ and his church, you think about people like Brent & Jill. Smart. Fun.Magnetic. You visit with them and you have no doubt that people will be drawn to them to hear what they have to say. It's so vital that the world sees joy in the message of the gospel. If they can't readily see that from the people who are delivering the news, why respond? What is the draw? The Nichols  and their team radiate the joy that comes from the confidence of salvation.

Then, after church on Sunday, I got an e-mail from Allen Dutton in Campinas, Brazil that just reinforced the notion that God is really moving powerfully in South America. Here's an excerpt:

"...we began another group of theology classes.  We decided to have two groups this semester. One meets at the Guanabara building on Mondays from 7-10pm and the other meets at the Campo Grande building on Tuesdays from 7-10pm. I am teaching the Monday night class and have 50 students and Christian (a brother at Campo Grande) is teaching the Tuesday night class and has 40 students. I find it so encouraging to see people we taught a few years ago having the courage and the responsibility to teach themselves. What a great example for all of us! Because of the theology class we have had already three more baptisms. Thais was baptized the middle of August and Benedito and Helena were baptized in September. Please keep these new Christian in your prayers."

And that was just a small sample of what's happening in that work. That church is baptizing people, going on mission trips, planting their own new churches. God is multiplying his kingdom and it's wonderful to watch.