Good News From Campinas, Brazil

Todd Williams - Friday, November 14, 2014

We got this inspiring report from Allen & Robin Dutton, our missionaries in Campinas, Brazil.

Dear friends and family,

I trust all of you are doing fine.  We are all fine here and enjoying some much needed rain.  Pray that we receive more as we are in the middle of a severe drought.  Our family is doing fine.  Robin is enjoying good health and keeping busy.  She is teaching English using Skype to some friends here in Campinas.  She enjoys doing this.  Laura is very active in writing and enjoys reading.  It is hard to believe she is finishing her sophomore year in high school (our school year ends at the end of November).  Tyler enjoys sports and of course his Play Station games.  He is 6’1” tall.  I believe he still has a year or two to grow.  He is only 17.  He graduates this December 19th from high school and has decided he wants to go to Oklahoma Christian to college.  He will begin, Lord willing, in the fall of 2015.  He will start his first job December 8th working at a copy shop.  Wow!!

Many things have happened and are happening here in Campinas.  God continues to add to His church.  Our theology classes have gone extremely well this semester.  I taught a theology class at Guanabara on Monday nights from 7-10pm and Alisson taught a theology class at Campo Grande on Tuesday nights from 7-10pm.  The class at Guanabara had an average attendance of 75 people for the whole 12 weeks and the class at Campo Grande had an average attendance of 45 for the whole 12 weeks.  During the classes we had 6 baptisms at Campo Grande and 8 baptisms at Guanabara.   What a blessing it was to see 14 new souls being added to the Lord’s church through the teaching of the Gospel!  The theology courses continue to be one the most effective ways God is allowing us to use to spread the Gospel and to teach and save the lost.  Please continue to pray that these new Christians remain faithful.          

Let me share with you some stories of recent conversions...

Luan and Amanda are both in their mid twenties and were engaged to be married October 25th.  They came to a worship service on October 19th for the very first time.  Right after services were over, Luan came to me and said he needed to be baptized.  They could not study on Sunday afternoon, so I asked them to come back Monday at 4pm so that we could study about his decision.  We met on Monday and studied for about three hours.  Luan was convinced from the very beginning that he needed to be baptized.  Amanda was listening and not saying much.  At the very end of our study Amanda said she also needed to be "baptized for the forgiveness of her sins and to receive the Holy Spirit."  These were her words not mine.  "I do not want to wait any longer to be baptized.  I want to do it now.”  Double wow!!  What an example.  What a wonderful attitude.  They were both immersed into Christ a few minutes after, and were married Saturday October 25th. 

Maria José (Mary Jo) is 63 years old.  She has been coming to a week night Bible study we have in Hortolandia (one of the greater Campinas cities) about 20 miles from Campinas.  and also went through the theology class this semester.  During the theology classes she came to me and said “I am studying about baptism.”  She told me that one of the members who lives close to her house was helping her.  I was very happy that she was studying and also that someone else was helping her study.  Another member who lives in Hortolandia brought her every Monday night to the theology class in his car.  This reminded me of what the apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3. 5-9.  One planted, one watered, and God made it grow.  How right this is!  After our classes were over, we met at the building and studied just a little more about what it meant to be baptized.   That very same night at 10pm, Mary Jo gave her life to Jesus.  We had just finished a study in the book of Revelation I am giving to about 100 students.  They were all witnesses of her baptism.  What a testimony it was to all who were there.

Our building construction is going along just fine.  It does not seem possible that less than 4 months ago we still had not received the go ahead from the city hall.  We are making great progress.  The builders are promising us that by the middle of January we will have our building completed.  The members here at Guanabara decided also that we needed extra classroom space.  So, with their help (financial and labor) we are also adding three new classrooms and two suites (bedroom and bathroom) for preachers and teachers that come our way to have a place to stay.  It is a lot of work especially now that we need to plan the finishing details.  There are so many things to think about.   Please keep Alisson and me I your prayers as we make important decisions for our new building.  We are needing this extra space.  We had 173 present at worship service this past Sunday.

The congregation at Campo Grande is also growing numerically and maturing in the Lord.  We had 89 present in worship service at Campo Grande this past Sunday.  We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we help this congregation to mature so that they can soon be on their own and we can help the Guanabara congregation plant another church. 

So far the Lord has added 45 souls to His church both at the Guanabara (30) and Campo Grande (15) congregations this year.  How blessed we are.  What a great God we serve!  We love you and pray for you every day.


Allen and Robin Dutton

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